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  1. Tyres

    Just a freaking paper costing almost the same of the car
  2. Tyres

    Below 1600cc 69,903 1600 above 81,770 'Facepalm' 😪
  3. Tyres

    Oh I got that lol. Nice to meet you all. As you all know that Singapore has the highest car prices in the word and I'm just 21 this year so yea I'm working my way to atleast own a car. I guess life in uk are blessed
  4. Tyres

    Ok thank you Mac, but first of all I know nothing in uk second when I look into the car sales figure I don't get it at all. I don't know what's bmmt. Where else in my area most of our vehicles change their Rim sizes onto their normal car, so they have a limited sizes to put . most of the car owners like to fit 15"-17" so for their tyre sizes they only able to fit 195/55/15-215/45/17 meaning in our market this are the so called 'hot sizes' where by let's say 245/45/17 there are too little ppl can use for their car so this kind of size we name it the 'slow moving' size. Don't get me wrong I have just started this and I still got a lot to learn. Don't get offended.
  5. Tyres

    Thank you ! I'm wondering what is the normal tyre sizes that you all usually use? As in 'hot sizes' at your area
  6. Tyres

    Oh sorry about that. So most of the people in this forum are from uk ?I just got to know this so I'm not familiar with this kinda things ya
  7. Tyres

    :tea: 😆
  8. Tyres

  9. part worn tyres

    Hi I'm ck, you're still looking for part worn tyres?