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  1. Cupra R Cd Changer

    Mike i'm sure a man of your talents, can fit a simple CD changer happy new year Chris
  2. squeezebox

    [ QUOTE ] Check out this site mate. They even have a free version you can use for life. [/ QUOTE ] Thanks tried it out, the pc is so slow it just takes forever to load!
  3. squeezebox

    [ QUOTE ] Theres a lot of OS hardening and modification that can be done with XP. Just do a google search for OS Hardening and this should give you some pointers. Just be sure to do it with a non-critical machine first and fully test the mods before making the final build. Are you using the remote with the Squeezebox or are you using a PDA? I'm looking to use the I-mate Jam, just investigating compatibility. [/ QUOTE ] thank i'll have a look at that. i use both, the remote for the squeezebox and either pc or pda to control 2 softsqueeze programs. whats I-mate jam?
  4. squeezebox

    thanks dave, the max is 64megs tried adding more wont reconize it. read on another thread about being able to strip win2000 to the basics can this be done with xp?
  5. squeezebox

    hi, have the wireless squeezebox link i'm using the java scripted softsqueeze on an old touch screen pc 266mhz 64 megs ram. i have got xp sp2 running on it but as softsqueeze uses a lot of processing power the whole thing grinds to a halt. does any of you's know of how to strip down xp or have any other ideas of what OS will use less pc power? cheers for ya help
  6. Java Applets

    soz, off topic- ritey, i see why ross lets you do his internet stuff for him, he`s only just learnt how to burn a cd!
  7. Add Ons

    just a quick question seeing as pecker dealer couldnt answer me, midline and high line computers, whats the difference? thanks