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  1. mk1 GTi Buyers Guide?

    Hi Everyone, HAs anyone come accross a VW mk1 gti buyers guide anywhere? I have found loads for other cars but none for this piece of motoring history! Any ideas? Cheers all
  2. Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine

    Autoglym is the business - been using it for years, be careful whan using the deep shine stuff though - not too often its quite abrasive Doug
  3. .:R Logo - anyone got a JPG for it ?

    Big enough- took 5 mins to load on my 56k
  4. Are you please with it?

    Sorry missed Chris's Survey! Doug
  5. Are you please with it?

    The R32 looks the business... Just wondering if you were all pleased with you R32? Are you pleased you got it? Or would you prefer something else? If so what? I am considering an expensive puchase you see! Cheers guys Doug