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  1. Audi S3 1.8T common faults/ buying check list

    my a3 has had most of there problems!! top thread+++
  2. key fob problems

    hi there, i have a 3 door audi a3 1999 1.8t which i recently bought, it only come with 1 two button key fob. problem is the buttons do nothing, i have replace the battery with a 2032 batt. i have tried most re sync combinations with no luck!! when i unlock the car i have to put the key in the ingnition to unlock the boot and passenger door else the hazards flash repetedly. I have plugged vcds in to find faults with the convienience module but when i try to open the contoller it states 'no responce from contoller' also i have fault code of 01134- Alarm horn (H12) 49-00 -no communications.. any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks