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  1. Considering an A7 3.0 TDi SE

    The A7 is the only new car I have been tempted by in a long while. It's a niche market car but I happen to site smack bang in the middle of that Niche. Congrats on the new car. Thumbs up from me. Roy
  2. Which Crossover ?

    We've been running a Tiguan 2.0 TFSI 200PS Sport with a few extras for over a year now and would recommend it.
  3. 2011 Audi A8 Teaser video

    Some Wallpaper..
  4. Anyone with access to BCA Auction View?

    Sold for over £25K. I'm pleased with the result of the sale and would recommend the method of selling through BCA Blackbushe. The selling fees are relatively high but when you trade this cost off against the lack of hassle and price achieved, I'm convinced this was the right way to go for me.
  5. Anyone with access to BCA Auction View?

    Cheers Merlot. Mine's @ 23K Miles so that's a useful guide price
  6. Anyone with access to BCA Auction View?

    Thanks for the offer. BCA have now forwarded me a copy of the ad, so I no longer need the confirmation.
  7. Anyone with access to BCA Auction View?

    In fairness to BCA, after I mentioned my dissapointment with the marketing shots, they were quick to re-take them post valet, and upload the new shots. It's looking much better now. I'll post back here after the auction with the result of the bidding...
  8. Anyone with access to BCA Auction View?

    I was given an estimate (about 3 weeks ago) by BCA of 22 -> 23.5K with a recommended reserve of 23.5K. I've entered it with a reserve of £22,750. I've just been e-mailed the photos that BCA are using to market it. I have to say that I was dissapointed that they were taken before it was valeted. If I knew they were going to market with photos of it dirty, I'd have made sure it was pristine before I dropped it off rather than pay BCA for their "showroom condition" valet service... However, nothing ventured, nothing gained. The worst that can happen is that it gets nowhere near the reserve and I get the car back. We've currently got 6 vehicles (2 cars, 2 bikes, 2 camper vans) in the household, so I'm trimming down for the moment...
  9. Hello, I've put my car in for a private sale at Blackbushe but don't have Auction View to see it being marketed. If you have Auction View can you confirm you can see 2007 A8L 4.2 FSI Sport in Black for sale in this coming Monday's (13/07/09) top car sale? Taaa...
  10. Back in an A8

    Nice one nebw. Enjoy your new car. :D I think the Bose is great in my car. Strangely though. I had an A8 loan car which I found it bordering on unbearable even with all audio settings set the same as my car. The loan car was earlier than mine, It makes me wonder if changes have been made to the system ofer the years via firmware or otherwise....
  11. 2009 LED rear lights for £279!!

    I've done this mod. A straight swap on my '07. No VAG-COM coding required on the A8. (A6 needs it) Less than half price compared to what I paid for mine at a UK dealer.
  12. A8 Facelift Differences

    Mine's a 2007 pre-facelift Sport. I haven't driven either an SE or a post facelift so can't give you any opinion on ride and handling differences. I have retrofitted the '08 rear lights to mine as I think they look great. Mine has Bose which I would highly recommend. That said I've never heard B&O so can't comment on it. Differences that I'm aware of, some of which have already been mentioned above: Suspension / Steering changes to improve ride/handling/NVH New wheel designs Rectangular front foglamps New rear lamp cluster design Side repeater indicators moved from wing to door mirrors. Chrome trim to edge of door pockets. DAB as standard. Xenon as standard. (I was suprised that my pre-facelift didn't come with it) I expect there are a few things I've missed off.
  13. Annual Meet 7th June - Details

    Sorry, but I'm unable to make the annual meet now. A recently arranged family event has to take precedence. Have a great time all! Looking forward to the pics. :D
  14. S8 D3 - MMI 2G to 3G conversion

    Nice one Craig. Well done!
  15. CO2 Emissions / car tax bracket

    Pre April 2005 3.0 TDI Quattro Pre August 2007 3.0 TDI Quattro SE Post October 2007 3.0 TDI Quattro SE As confirmed above you won't be stung (like me) for the greater amount as your car was registered pre- March 23rd 2006