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  1. Laser Blue MKV Golf GTi Thread

    Spec i've gone for is: Laser Blue 3 Door 18" wheels Rear Parking Sensor Arm Rest Leather DSG - with paddles & steering wheel upgrade Folding mirrors I only ordered it last week and haven't yet recieved a build date, but I have led to believe that delivery will be late June early July. Apparently there are delays with the DSG & 18" wheels. I really struggled to decide whether the paddles were worth the extra £515. I initially placed an order without them, but changed it this week to include the paddle and steering wheel upgrade. I drove a V6 TT with DSG paddles and really enjoyed the experience. I will go along to the dealers this weekend and take a snap of the Laser blue 5 door in the showroom, and post the images. Trust me though, the Laser Blue is the one to go for. Silver looks too bland - mingles in with alloys etc. Black looks great, but makes with car look v.dark with dark leather and dash. Graphite Blue & Steel grey look good, but again mingles in with the alloys - especially 18" which have an polished anthrecite finish. Other Blues are too dark. Red looks great also, but will be all over the place within 1 year.
  2. GTI Day Oulton Park

    Eyup fellas, I'm newly registered to this site, but have been following the strings for some time now. Wanted to contribute regarding Laser Blue GTI. I ordered a Laser Blue with leather & 18" etc. last week. VW dealership in Nottingham have a 5 door Laser Blue in - looks great. I have test driven a Tornado Red GTI, and have seen Graphite Blue, Reflex Silver also - Laser Blue definately kicks ass.