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  1. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    Looking on autotrader there's a decent looking mid blue metallic. I can understand ruling out the Merc C Class on grounds of taste, but I'd imagine the numbers on it are pretty good?
  2. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    I think you're right about the Volvo being due replacement. So it's pretty dated, especially compared to the new A4. Maybe not so much against the 3 series. But in Rebel Blue (is that colour still available?) with R-Design Lux trim I think it's the best looking of the three, loaded with kit and I'm a fan of the interior design. Biggest problem is it'll suddenly feel old when the new one comes out (which I expect will be a massive step forward if their other new models are anything to go by), and you'll still have it for another three years. Volvo interiors are pretty hardy. A mate has a mega mile 2013 V60 D5 and it's barely starting to show any wear inside. Well, it was until he unleashed a dog and two kids on it....
  3. Wales Targeting F1 Race?

    It's a stupid ****ing ego trip by a delusional idiot. Absolutely no chance it will get sufficient private investment. £9.3million of public money wasted, but hopefully this is the end of it.
  4. F1 2017

    It just shows what a great individual Ferrari's Vettel is. How many other F1 stars would go out of their way as he did to take a homeless person off the streets? What a good, honest grounded guy, so refreshing when all we usually hear about is Hamilton's diamond studded celeb parties. Just think, if all the other F1 drivers followed Seb's noble example, there'd be ... er ... another 21 grateful folk who'll never need to sleep rough again.
  5. Post a pic of your car

    CarMad will be grateful to know there's something out there that's uglier than his 5GT.
  6. F1 2017

    Given the state of my twitter feed, I can only assume Vettel ate Lewis's dog.
  7. F1 2017

    I feel somehow obliged to say it was all Hamilton's fault. I haven't actually watched it yet.
  8. Post a pic of your car

  9. Hmmmmm

    Blyton Park nearly three years ago. Dreadful golfist hotel somewhere near S****horpe. Some reprobates may have had a midnight golf buggy race.
  10. F1 2017

    The sooner Renault replace him the sooner his dad can concentrate on supporting the race tracks he owns instead of his son's failing F1 career. He's a very good driver, but not quite good enough. He'd do better moving to endurance racing than fighting drivers with bigger backing for the back marker* seats. * Not McLaren.
  11. My Grand Tour

    The good thing about Prague is that it's big enough that you can avoid the pissed up British stag dos. Explore the little cobbled streets around the old town for great cafes and music bars.
  12. Post a pic of your car

    That colour is very "you".
  13. I did something wrong

    Went to Cadwell for the first time this year to watch some nutter in a Caterham. Great track. Kinda reminds me of Oulton, but scarier. (And further away).
  14. BTCC 2017

    *Yes I realised that when I read the reports in more detail. The point stands though - the shock of seeing fellow competitors so badly injured might hopefully persuade a few to wind it in a bit. The driving standards across the BTCC schedule seem to be getting worse, and I hear a great deal from disgruntled officials about Alan Gow's lectures to them on "what the fans want". The more the BTCC drivers get away with it the more it filters down to the lower formulae. *That might read a bit narkier than intended.
  15. Football results today

    A win's a win.