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  1. Fernando Alonso to quit F1 at the end of this season.

    Can’t say I blame him. He’ll win more stuff yet. Including the Indy I reckon. The day will come when motorsport historians (the ones who actually know the sport beyond F1) will rate Alonso as one of the all time greats.
  2. RS3 - Saloon!

    I would watch the video, but I got as far as "Hi guys, I'm Schmee...." I'd forgotten how ****ing annoying he is.
  3. Guy Martin & Coulthard F1 Special
  4. Guy Martin & Coulthard F1 Special

    Also, he’s finding out that being on top of his game isn’t always enough when Vettel is in an equal car, and he’s not coping with that terribly well. Back on topic, nice to see Guy having a bit of fun. It’s been a tough year for bike road racers. I wonder where his mind is about whether he ever returns to NI and TT. I kind of hope he doesn’t. It’s not his whole life any more and I think you need to be committed to balance the risk.
  5. Guy Martin & Coulthard F1 Special

    Brilliant drive to get back to second. I believe he’s retracted his accusation of ‘tactics’, saying, “Sometimes we say stupid shit and we learn from it.” I say, we’ve only learnt from it if we stop saying stupid shit, Lewis.
  6. Guy Martin & Coulthard F1 Special

    I wonder if he got time to teach Hamilton a thing or two about not behaving like a fücking child?
  7. RS3 - Saloon!

    I think I’ve reached a point where the full fat AMG/M/RS performance models no longer interest me because they’re out of reach, both financially and in terms of accessible performance. Models such as the C43, S4 and forthcoming M340i start to make a lot more sense as a compromise between daily usability, performance and desirability. And if I was looking for performance thrills in a non-daily driver I’d want a proper sports car, not a tuned up saloon.
  8. Mutt Motorcycles

    Looks like something Richard Hammond would like. So it's a no from me (not that I'm a biker of any sort, let alone a proper one). Talking of which, what's that Indian notHonda thing you can buy new for about 75 quid? Seems like a better deal to me.
  9. RS3 - Saloon!

    Some people are paying waaaaay too much for their tyres...
  10. RS3 - Saloon!

    Bollocks. Buy an RS6 and live in it.
  11. RS3 - Saloon!

    What you really need is an Alpina B3 touring!
  12. RS3 - Saloon!

    When you're ready, ask Booster if he can help with a decent finance deal on a pre-reg car. I kind of owe him a sale after I bottled out of an M3 a couple of years ago... There's one or two M3 Competition Packs out there in Long Beach Blue. Different to San Marino - more sort of turquoisy then purply - but stunning in the flesh.
  13. RS3 - Saloon!
  14. RS3 - Saloon!

    That's not going to have done his tracking any good.
  15. Brabham Are Trying To Crowd Fund Their Way Back To F1

    In entirely unrelated news...