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  1. F1 2017

    The Ferrari/F1 thing has been going on since Enzo first started racing cars. It’s brinkmanship between two organisations who, if they’re honest, aren’t entirely sure they could exist without each other. Sadly* neither of them are what they used to be. If you’re not tifosi it’s perhaps easy to forget that Ferrari aren’t (or weren’t) a car manufacturer that goes racing to sell cars. Ferrari began as a racing team that started selling road cars to pay for going racing. * In the esteemed view of miserable old gits like me.
  2. F1 2017

    Don’t give him ideas.
  3. SPOTY 2017

    To be fair even I think it's a bit cruel, but I thought you'd enjoy it.
  4. SPOTY 2017

    I had considered that, but then realised that only a true twat would think it was a good idea to play the character of being a twat for the cameras. Look at Tyson Fury...
  5. SPOTY 2017

    And he's actually a great sportsman with what I would describe as a personality. Grounded, generous, honest. I suppose that could be a manufactured persona for the cameras but if so it's far better than being a twat like Hamilton.
  6. SPOTY 2017

    Well obviously Harry Kane and Lewis Hamilton should be fighting it out for last place. In fact shouldn't Hamilton be in the Overseas SPOTY category these days? AJ, Froome or Sir Mo for me.
  7. WTF a decked Allegro

    These people need professional help.
  8. F1 2017

    Only Lewis Hamilton would call his tax efficient offshore companies “Stealth”. Nicely done Lewis. Stealthy as a flatulent hippo.
  9. F1 2017

    If he does win the next four I will definitely kill myself for being wrong on an internet forum read by five people.
  10. F1 2017

    I’m not sure Ferrari and F1 can exist without each other. But I’m far less concerned about the demise of F1 than that of Ferrari. Motorsport can continue to exist perfectly happily without F1.
  11. F1 2017

    I keep reading his fans reckon he'll beat Schumacher in four years. Yep, they honestly think he'll win the next four WDCs. And people wonder why I think they're all a bunch of dumb fücking cünts.
  12. F1 2017

  13. Leasing for Dummies?

    Those new Discoveries are nice*... * And by nice, I mean totally fecking hideous...
  14. Leasing for Dummies?

    Do you think she’ll notice the difference if you don’t tell her?
  15. Leasing for Dummies?

    Lexus might be a worthwhile option. Unless they’ve changed in recent years then standard spec on higher end models is very good compared to the Germans. Jag do seem to have changed in that regard. Previous model XF and XJ Portfolio were fully loaded as standard.