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  1. M3 V8 - Known issues?

    Car forums innit mate. Full of weirdos.
  2. While the cats away.....

    I'm trying to work out whether "homemade pizza" is a euphemism.
  3. Mercedes 190E 2.3 16

    Nah. Would be nice if increasing estimates on the good ones dragged mine into 5 figures though...
  4. 2017 Fitness Thread

    More to the point - which gym is this?
  5. San Francisco

  6. 2017 Fitness Thread

    I'm fairly sure I've seen that film...
  7. 2017 Fitness Thread

    The standard of UK geography knowledge in this forum is ****ing appalling.
  8. Ordered a new S5 Coupe

    You know all those tuners who say their maps are "dealer undetectable" ? They're all ****ing liars.
  9. San Francisco

    Is it still worth taking a trip up to Haight Ashbury to inhale a bit of 60s hippie culture? I went twenty years ago and it seemed to be mostly second hand clothes shops, but still had a hint of bohemia.
  10. San Francisco

    Definitely Alcatraz.
  11. "Homework" Laptop - any suggestions?

    Ahem. I think you'll find I'm the one in the posh part.
  12. Almost a new biker....

    Says the old man who jumps off cliffs.
  13. FREDDY in his S63 AMG

    What rest? Have you seen how expensive Kia Cee'ds are these days?
  14. FREDDY in his S63 AMG

    And spend the rest on drugs and hookers?
  15. FREDDY in his S63 AMG

    The S63 is an impressive piece of kit, but you can have a Bentley CGT for that money. No competition.