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  1. Tesla updates

    Believe it or not I am a bit of a Tesla fan. I admire what Elon Musk is doing, even if he is an absolute raving lunatic. He's achieved a huge amount in a very short time - I suppose the only real question is whether technology will move on from EVs before Tesla matures as a manufacturer. I also wonder whether the Model 3 design is a step towards a fully autonomous self driving Tesla, in which the dash layout won't be an issue. I just hope he isn't really developing battery technology to build the first human pod farms in his quest to build a Matrix within a Matrix.
  2. Tesla updates

    From a safety point of view I think the central dash for all controls and information is a major flaw. I can see lots of minor accidents by drivers more distracted from actually looking where they're going than they should be. Less important but still relevant in the market is the quality of finish. I've sat in a Model S and a Model X and they just weren't up to German standards. I can't see the Model 3 being any better. Will be interesting to see how they look after a few years wear and tear.
  3. Tesla updates

    I'm not, by habit, an early adopter, so I'm unlikely to consider something like a Tesla for at least another decade. That may be long enough for a fledgling manufacturer to iron out its production issues, improve quality of materials and hopefully get rid of the idea that a big, fück off touch screen in the centre of the dash is neither an adequate nor safe replacement for important dash info in front of the driver.
  4. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    That doesn't need any signs, just a sticker saying "Police Aware".
  5. Bizarre Story

    So, honest question... is Honey G not a parody, then? It's so difficult to tell these days.
  6. Boxing thread

    To be fair this is true. I'm not a boxing fan so I only see the pressers that make it into mainstream coverage, invariably for all the wrong reasons.
  7. World Athletics Championship 2017

    Very. I wonder if she'll do better at the longer distances as she matures as an athlete.
  8. Bizarre Story

    Music for the Trump age.
  9. World Athletics Championship 2017

    Incorrect. This may sound like splitting hairs but it's important. 41 of those times were posted by athletes who have served a drugs related suspension at some point in their career, at least some of which were for relatively minor or technical infringements. Unless they failed a drugs test at/around the time of the event there is no evidence that they were on performance enhancing drugs when they posted those times. Of course there's always the suspicion that when an athlete returns from a ban and runs clean they may have some residual benefit of historic doping, but that is no more than a suspicion. I just think the track has been running slow, mainly due to temperatures and weather. The men's 100m final was the only one run in decent conditions, but I think there are many reasons for that being as slow as it was. Bolt and Gatlin were both past their peak, the US kid is just that, a kid, Blake has been way off the sort of form he showed 2 or 3 years ago. Based on form going into the final I'd have been surprised by anything sub 9.9.
  10. Boxing thread

    As are most boxing press conferences these days.
  11. Football results today

    Arsenal fans went through the usual full season cycle of we're gonna win the league to Wenger out and back and forth again. Twice. And that was just the second half. Fickle ****s.
  12. Boxing thread

    With any luck we'll all have died in a nuclear fireball before then.
  13. Boxing thread

    When is this circus act happening? Getting a bit bored of the hype now.
  14. World Athletics Championship 2017

    I have it on better authority he ****ing hates the stuff.
  15. S8 V10

    Money pit! Not sure I could go from a D4 to a D3 even for all that extra power. Must admit I have a growing desire for a D4 S8. My wallet disagrees, however.