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  1. iMac Pro Performance

    Haven't looked at detail specs for a while, but I can recommend Lenovo as a good, solid mainstream brand that makes laptops robust enough for kids (and elderly parents...).
  2. DLR Fog Light Grill

    Yes, but they only work between Bank and South Quay.
  3. 2018 UK F1 TV schedule

    BTCC without Flash? ****ing glorified banger racing. Endurance and historic for me. And Caterhams.
  4. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    Hey Cruiser, is this you?
  5. New 2nd Hand car time, Signum size

    Minis are ****ing massive these days though.
  6. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    Noble as the sticker on the back window is, I think the more appropriate advice in this instance would be DON'T DRINK & BUY.
  7. New pants please

    I reckon they just do it to show off cos they know they're on camera.
  8. SPOTY 2017

    Ah. Well, to be fair, I wouldn't want to go to Liverpool either. I wonder if Lewis is feeling any less #blessed now his public have rejected him for being a tax dodging foreigner.
  9. SPOTY 2017

    I read somewhere that Mo was in LA? Talking of skipping through, and completely off topic, having Top Gear on Amazon now is really useful, because you can fast forward through the Celebrity Twàt-Off bit. (And marvel at how much of the show it wastes...)
  10. SPOTY 2017

    To him as much as anyone else, apparently. When a last minute campaign in a couple of bike mags swings second place for him, you have to wonder how many people bothered to vote overall. And you never see all the bookies being so ridiculously far off unless something weird's going on. SPOTY has only survived this long because the BBC loves talking about itself so much. I'm absolutely sure there are BBC execs who genuinely believe that sports people cherish a SPOTY award as highly as their professional championships and gold medals. Utterly delusional.
  11. SPOTY 2017

    Who won the award for most creative medical team?
  12. SPOTY 2017

    Also, the fact Jonnie Peacock almost certainly got so many votes entirely as a result of his endeavours on Strictly proves that democracy is vastly overrated in this age of morons.
  13. SPOTY 2017

    I've got a new acronym for this event. BBCSTASOTBBCEFOUWTCTROSVIPOTY BBC Sports That Are Still On The BBC Except For One Unexpected Wildcard That's Clearly The Result Of Some Voting Irregularities Personality Of The Year.
  14. SPOTY 2017

    And then Mo will put on is usual final straight sprint, jump over the pair of them and claim the win. Presumably. I'm not watching it, by the way. I'd rather grate my scrotum.
  15. SPOTY 2017

    As I said on feckbook earlier... Froome will look like he’s settling for third then take a massive snort on his ski boot sized inhaler and come storming up the inside, only for Lewis Hamilton to crash into him in the final corner.
  16. I think I might have finally trained YouTube?

    That's just the Evil Empire making sure you know who's boss.
  17. Father Christmas.....the clutch has gone

    I wonder where he is now?
  18. Golf

    Get out.
  19. Golf

    I fücking hate golfists.
  20. F1 2017

    The Ferrari/F1 thing has been going on since Enzo first started racing cars. It’s brinkmanship between two organisations who, if they’re honest, aren’t entirely sure they could exist without each other. Sadly* neither of them are what they used to be. If you’re not tifosi it’s perhaps easy to forget that Ferrari aren’t (or weren’t) a car manufacturer that goes racing to sell cars. Ferrari began as a racing team that started selling road cars to pay for going racing. * In the esteemed view of miserable old gits like me.
  21. F1 2017

    Don’t give him ideas.
  22. SPOTY 2017

    To be fair even I think it's a bit cruel, but I thought you'd enjoy it.
  23. SPOTY 2017

    I had considered that, but then realised that only a true twat would think it was a good idea to play the character of being a twat for the cameras. Look at Tyson Fury...
  24. SPOTY 2017

    And he's actually a great sportsman with what I would describe as a personality. Grounded, generous, honest. I suppose that could be a manufactured persona for the cameras but if so it's far better than being a twat like Hamilton.
  25. SPOTY 2017

    Well obviously Harry Kane and Lewis Hamilton should be fighting it out for last place. In fact shouldn't Hamilton be in the Overseas SPOTY category these days? AJ, Froome or Sir Mo for me.