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  1. F30 issues

    No such alignment issues with mine, but it's xDrive so different suspension/geometry set up. I'd be tempted to get the alignment checked at a different place, ideally a specialist rather than a BMW dealer.
  2. Mercedes 190E 2.3 16

    The time has come to let the Merscabies find a better home. Someone who can hopefully keep her on the road a while longer, maybe give her interior a bit of a spruce up, but most of all actually use and abuse her. She loves that and I have to confess I've been rather negligent of her needs over the past year or so. For those on facebook, pics and info are here: In brief, it's a 190E 2.3 16 manual, 1985, 166,000 miles in Blue Black with black Recaro leather. MoT expired late November (new MoT can be arranged). Bodywork and mechanics both good. A worthwhile investment at a very reasonable £7950. No great rush to sell but I'm not using it as I should and will probably go to auction in the spring if unsold.
  3. Mercedes 190E 2.3 16

    Well bugger me! Deposit taken from first caller! Definitely a bargain... although I defy anyone to put an accurate value on it and I'm happy enough with the price I got. New owner sounds like a proper enthusiast who will hopefully use it and spend a little more to improve the interior. All subject to him transferring the balance and picking it up, of course. Sounds like it'll be joining quite a family collection, including two classic Range Rovers and three (yes three) E39 M5s!
  4. Mercedes 190E 2.3 16

    P.S. It's almost certainly gone up in value since January, so either I was asking too much then or (more likely I reckon) it's a bargain now...
  5. Mercedes 190E 2.3 16

    I've actually gone and advertised it on after a friend of a friend said he was interested, so I got it out of storage and cleaned it up a bit, only for him to go and buy something else, the ungrateful scrote. So anyway, here's the ad: Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 Cosworth, 1985 C Registration, manual dogleg gearbox, sought after combination of Blue Black paintwork with black full leather Recaro interior. £7,950 The odometer shows 166k miles. The car comes with a folder full of receipts and MoT certificates and a good dealer and specialist service record. Current MoT expires 5th June 2018. I bought the car from Ben (Shark Performance) in May 2014, who bought it in 2012 after a long search for a good, useable example. During Ben’s ownership (2012 to 2014), the car benefitted from: New brake discs and pads, callipers greased etc Fuel pump and metering unit, Ignition module 1 major service (all filters/spark plugs), 3 minor services (oil/filter etc) 2 rear springs, 2 front shock absorbers Cooling fan switch 4 new tyres Dashboard repaired and flocked Electric window switch New heater matrix New speakers installed (original Blaupunkt radio/cassette retained) New battery In November 2014, I had the following bodywork restoration carried out by Cheshire Classic Benz: Welding to floor and rear Replace and paint bonnet Prepare and paint bootlid and OSR quarter Remove/refit bodykit parts Treat rust to NSR door shut Machine polish whole car I had the car serviced by Cheshire Classic Benz in April 2015, incl. renew engine oil/filter, renew brake fluid, coolant level switch and 100 degree switch. Prior to its most recent MoT in June 2017, Cheshire Classic Benz replaced a sticky NSF brake calliper, fitted new front brake pads and wear sensors, and replaced the grille with a good condition secondhand grille and new grille star. Hopefully this shows that Ben and I have sought to spend money in the right places to restore at least some of the car’s original glory. The car appears mechanically strong, pulling smoothly with just a little transmission whine in lower gears when cold, underneath the chassis is solid and bodywork is good with relatively few blemishes. The interior is beginning to show its age and mileage in terms of general wear and degrading plastics. The V5 shows 20 (twenty) former keepers, which is an admittedly high number. It’s possible the car may have changed hands within the same family/business a few times in its earlier life, and it was at one point registered in Belgium and then re-registered in the UK. This also accounts for the car having a different ‘C’ registration number now than at first registration. This car will never be a concourse showroom queen, however with only 38 190E 2.3-16s on the road in the UK (according to, as a well used but honest and roadworthy example it is arguably rarer than the low mileage, low owner cars you can find at classic dealers. It’s also priced accordingly at £7950 or very nearest offer.
  6. Football results today

    If you randomly plucked 11 people from the streets of Oldham and made them play football you'd have to pick another 11 to replace the ones who died on the pitch.
  7. Football results today

    Get fooked. If he thinks the Scots are genetically disadvantaged he's obviously not spent long enough in Oldham.
  8. Football results today

    P.S. We're on our SEVENTH manager since that post...
  9. Football results today

    Best suggestion I've seen from an actual Oldham fan (who's older than 12) is give Richie Wellens the job permanently and employ Scholesy to lick his boots.
  10. CCTV might be getting hacked

    He's been on their list for ages.
  11. MOTs in older cars

    It probably means it's driving around Keighley as a minicab.
  12. MOTs in older cars

    The car I learnt to drive in didn't make it to its first MoT.
  13. MV Agusta

    He should stick to shit clothes.
  14. F1 2018 Drivers list

    Not so much a comment on your comment as a general observation. I tend to avoid the whole circus and just watch the race (if I bother with that), so I see less of the drivers out of the car and care less about what kind of personality they portray. I suppose you could think of it as a coping mechanism on my behalf to make sure I see as little as possible of Hamilton being a tiresome tw@t.
  15. F1 2018 Drivers list

    It's an interesting commentary on the current state of Formula One that this seems more important than how good a driver he is.
  16. Uber lose Private Hire licence

    Slightly worried about your taxi driver's geography skills.
  17. F1 2017

    You're gonna have to narrow that down.
  18. F1 2017

    I'm not clicking on that link. I refuse.
  19. F1 2017

    They're all doing their utmost to hand it to Hamilton aren't they? *Sigh* At least the Scuderia Ferrari PR twitter account is good for comedy value. I wonder if they've lodged a formal complaint to find the magnet in Max's car?
  20. Wheelie To Die For....

  21. Wheelie To Die For....

    As Sneaky says it looks like he could have been part of or leaving an event, maybe even just a group ride. Such things can have a strange effect on your machismo and adrenaline. I have seen (ex)members of even this hallowed den of righteousness drive like absolute fücking dicks at meets. Granted I suspect some of them drove like that all the time...
  22. The £1k mobile phone

    Thinking back, did they strengthen the shell for the 6S? Not sure. May have done. I do remember various complaints about bending when the 6 first came out, especially with the Plus. Always assumed this was mainly people (mainly girls?) who put their phones in their back pocket. I've never worked out why that could ever be a good idea.
  23. F1 2017

    He'll be begging for a Ginster's before the first pit stop tomorrow.
  24. F1 2017

    I mean, seriously. The ****ing state of it.
  25. The £1k mobile phone

    My 6S hasn't bent. But then I haven't sat on it.