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  1. Game to Frustrate

    Got as far as getting into the lift shaft, but always get shot when I come out. Let me know how you get on, good luck.
  2. Game to Frustrate
  3. Where should I take her... (not in that way!)

    There must be a nice resturant in the area, italian I find is normally a good star, nothing too expensive don't want to look flash, but not a Pizza joint either. Nice bottle of wine, get to now the girl out of work, remember to remove the child seat from the A3. Good Luck
  4. Alien in the room

    Picked up the bazooka blew the door open, found a card to enter another part and that is as far as I have got.
  5. Alien in the room Try this, its been driving me mad.
  6. (Imaginative Thread Title Here)

    Fantastic (preview would be great to subtantiate claim)!
  7. (Imaginative Thread Title Here)

    Now there is a challenge
  8. louis Colossos Beach Hotel

    Taking the family (wife and 10 year old daughter) on holidy to Rhodes, staying at the louis Colossos Beach Hotel, Never been to Rhodes B4, any helpful hints or reviews. (apart from stay away from Faliraki) Most appreciated Ken
  9. Sexiest woman alive? (vote)

    Now this is my sort of thread! Obviously apart from the wife This is my kinda lady
  10. This is doing my head in......

    Found 11 things
  11. Micheal Jackson again...

    That is so good, some people are so talented when it comes to taking the p**s.
  12. sometimes....

    Very Nice, looks like some kind of race meeting (horse), not Ascot because the blokes on the right behind the girls are under dressed, Where did Insurance Jon get the photo?
  13. sometimes....

    I don't care about the background would just love to meet the 2 ladies Very nice indeed.
  14. New Yoik!

    Hey thanks for the review, I am travelling to NYC on Friday my first time too so you have certainly given me a good understanding of what to expect, sounds like my kinda city, looking forward to it big time, Wife booked it for my 40th birthday. (but I'm paying) bless her!! Thanks Ken
  15. Caption Competition

    Just arrived, sure I will need to settle in, always up for a bit of banter!