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  1. New car arrived today

    I am having a few problems with the phone, it appears that you cannot dial a number from the multi function steering wheel, unless you have the Nokia 6310i, which is now more or less obsolete. The dealer is comming back to me, middle of next week.
  2. New car arrived today

    Funny, you should mention the back screen wiper, mine has gone too.
  3. New car arrived today

    Picked up my new car at 5:30 tonight. Red 3 door DSG with paddles, 18" wheels, phone and Sat-nav. First impression. Absolutely fantastic. I know what it's like waiting (4 months)so,I will give you some of my impessions - bear in mind - I've only had it 2 hours - First supprise was the phone, they have put it in a really good position, and it looks really slick. I was expecting something resembling a barnicle in the middle of the passenger glove box. The second supprise was the Sat-Nav, looks fantastic, really sets off the dash. I'll tell you about functionallity when I've had it a bit. Next the paddles, very comfortable easy to use. Wheels, the 18" wheels, really do look impressive, I would say a must have. The DSG is silky smooth, Proberbly a novelty but when I was driving along, I thought I can either use Drive or Sport or Gearstick changes or the Paddles (Just a big kid really) but It's great fun. I will post some pictures at the weekend.
  4. GTi DSG and those "Paddles"

    Hi I've ordered a DSG with the paddles. Do you use the paddles a lot, or do you tend to just stick it in drive? I suspect I might use the sport mode quite a lot. How are you finding the DSG in general, and what's the sport mode like.
  5. gti anni exhaust

    I'm not sure what anni means, but I have contacted VW about the exhaust. The cars in Europe have a much better sounding exhaust system than the UK cars. This is due to a thing called a sound box, which is contained somewhere in the exhaust system. VW gave me the telephone numbers of a couple of Dealers in Germany. I will be making enqires, once I take delivery of the car. VW tell me the warranty will be invalidated if I change the exhaust, but this will only affect the exhaust system and n ot the whole car. I'll let you know how I get on.
  6. Pictures Of My New GTI

    Looks great, are those the 17" or 18" wheels? What's it like to drve. Have you gone for DSG or maual
  7. DSG - Good Review

    I found this really good review on the Internet. Don't know how to include the shortcut but the address is as follows:( - Roadtest Review Volkswagen Golf GTI DSG )They really slate the Sat-Nav, which is a shame because I have ordered one. Has anybody used this Sat Nav system?
  8. GTI - What Spec?

    Sorry I missed your question about the Wheel upgrade to 18". I was a bit nervous, about ordering these, in case they impaired the ride quality, but I have taken the plunge, based upon the following: Review in Top Gear - "We'd recommend the big wheels (they look so good)" A couple of test drive reviews have mentioned that the 18" whels were OK. In my test drive on the 17" wheels, I did notice quite a lot of road noise, so I guess the 18" wheels won't make that much difference. Last point - The 18" upgrade was originaly £995 approx - can't resist a bargain, especially as I am geting ripped-off for £500 + for the steering wheel paddles
  9. golf gti MkV

    Quote from Auto Express - "There's no doubt about it - this Golf GTI doesn'nt have the same aural appeal as the launch car we tested. The reason is that European versions versions get a sound box generator in the exhaust system that right-hand drive machines do without - for the time being at least.
  10. golf gti MkV

    Has anybody spoken to VW about the Sound Generator on the new GTI. The launch cars all sounded incredable, the UK cars do not sound half as good. The reason is that the UK cars will not have the sound generator. I was trying to find out from VW, if this would be available as a retro fit.
  11. golf gti MkV

    GTi-ML-343790-ML- I've moved this to the Golf GTI forum as it isn't a review, plus you're much more likely to get an answer from the GTI guys.