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  1. Dead dash/flat battery - Bora 2002 2.0SE

    Thanks Luke. Once I get the battery off tonight we'll try and find a date code on it. If it's really old, obviously it will just be sent to the dump and a new one bought. My question is - if the battery is a bit newer, is it even worth the hassle of trying to charge it when it is clearly totally dead right now! And also, where to start checking next, other than getting the alternator tested..
  2. Hi - went to start car on Monday evening and discovered sidelights had accidentally been left on from the night before. Dead battery/no lights on dash/won't start (naturally)! A friend tried jumping it last night but no luck either. Going to take the battery off and try charging it on 6 amp charger indoors tonight. If it does work, I understand the electrics (locking/radio etc) may act a little weird to start off with...however, if the battery doesn't charge and a new battery doesn't resolve the problem, what to look at next other than the alternator ? This is the first car that I have owned that has extensive electrics - others have been 1996 reg and prior 'simple' cars so easier to diagnose/fix!