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  1. Help needed, Vauxhall Movano loss of power

    Thanks guys for all the help. Got the van back with a new Air Mass Meter installed and good as new!!!!
  2. Help needed, Vauxhall Movano loss of power

    Ok, Dropped it off to the garage this morning and had a call this afternoon stating thats the air mass meter was faulty. I did unplug this yesterday to see if it made a difference but it did not!!! Does always unplugging it reveal the fault (i.e. make it run normal if it is the faulty part?)
  3. Help needed, Vauxhall Movano loss of power

    Just checked, turbo is spooling (albeit not that loud) and its not the MAF as I disconnected it to check. The quest continues...
  4. Help needed, Vauxhall Movano loss of power

    Actually saying that I dont recall hearing the turbo spool up will check again!!! I have a chepo reader so not supprised no codes.
  5. Hi Guy's, I have a 2001 Movano 2.2 cdti, been good as gold!!! Yesterday started her up and drove off a immdiately felt the loss of power (felt like it was being help back). It wont rev above 4k and can only do 50mph Max!!! I have a little OBD reader but cam back with no fault codes. Any help or suggestions will help before I give in and take it to the garage. Thanks
  6. Could be the one!!

    Thank you. I was not aware that the manufacturer will allow you to extend. I shall have to look into that and see if the car qualifies, i.e. age, mileage, etc..
  7. Could be the one!!

    You are absolutely right and I shall keep my eyes peeled. Do you guys have any recomendations on warranty companies?
  8. Could be the one!!

    I heeded all your advice!!!!
  9. Could be the one!!

    Went to see the car today and what a difference in power!!!! Sorry not for me:( I have been spoilt... Looks like I might keep the BM,,,for now anyway.
  10. Could be the one!!

    Yep....I have had the itch for the past couple of months. Warranty is £500 for the year
  11. Could be the one!!

    I dont think its going to happen now as they are not able to offer any more and I am too tight to cough up the extra dough!!!!
  12. Could be the one!!

    you are definitely right but also not looking forward to repair bills once the warranty runs out on the bimmer as its an expensive beast.... I do love driving it but always known Audi's and repair bills not as big as the BMW.
  13. Could be the one!!

    Just want a smaller engine car as we have rocked up 20k miles in just over a year!!!
  14. Could be the one!!

    Not at the moment...They are offering 12.5k for my car but i want more.
  15. Could be the one!!

    Which will be nice as I always use cruise......