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  1. Opinions Please !!

    He is a bit behind the times when it comes to the Internet. In other words I haven't got round to doing it yet for him!. He only runs a Jag at the moment but to be fair I think he going down the right lines with updating his car. There are loads of old Rollers and Bentley's but nothing new and up to date. He is also going to start offering airport drop offs for the happy couple so this is the reason for updating. I could get you some prices if you want if you send me some dates. But out of the list what would you like to go in on your happy day. Or do you have a different choice.
  2. Opinions Please !!

    He has a Jag XJ at the moment which is very nice but he wants something different. He started wanting the RRS but then he saw a 300C with the wheels and Bentley grill and thought it was different. I can see his point about wanting something more up to date that's why he is steering clear of another Jag. He has been watching too many episodes of footballers wife's I think though. I do like the Merc option though, but he keeps getting that Chrysler book out!
  3. Opinions Please !!

    Well after spending loads of time on here I need to ask you all for some advice for my old man. Here goes! My dad runs a wedding car / Executive Car business and is looking to update his car. He has three in mind all different but unique. He is undecided and is looking for some advice. All of them are nice cars and very appealing and different than your usual wedding car but he wants something a bit different that appeals to the younger trendy couples (His Words) as well as business users who he deals with during the quieter times. So what am I asking of you all, well simple really. There is a poll attached if you could please vote for the car you would like as your wedding car if you would be tying the knot or if you wanted a nice car to go to the airport in etc. The cars are 1. Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE (Silver) http://www.whatcar.co.uk/car-review-summary.aspx?N... 2. Mercedes Benz CLS 320CDI (Silver) http://www.whatcar.co.uk/car-review-summary.aspx?N... 3. Chrysler 300c 3.0 V6 CRD (Silver) http://www.whatcar.co.uk/car-review-summary.aspx?N... I know it's off the topic but with all this car knowledge and varied opinions I thought I would ask you all and hey it's a good talking point. Any other ideas or personal views on the cars would be great. Thanks in advance everyone I appreciate it.
  4. MFD2 or Tom Tom

    Guys for my sins I work for PC World and from wednesday we will be doing the TOMTOM One @ £219. This is a fantastic price and well worth looking at. We currently have loads in the stores but hurry as me thinks they will be gone by the weekend.
  5. GTI MPG!!!

    Ermmm, right, so about 25mpg, not great, but then again, do mostly 3 miles to work and back again 5 days a week. Me thinks that when i get the R32 DSG, that the figure will practically break my bank.... break your bank!!!! yo do 30 miles a week to work + normal milage you only need to fill up every 5 weeks bloody hell I have done 14K since march in my GTI doing a 80 mile round trip a day thats breaking the bank and more. I was driving in 6th gear everywhere but now do 30 miles a day so I drive it like Jeremy C said so "Like I sat on a Wasp". I was spending £350 per month on fuel it was like Alan Partridge I knew the name of the petrol station staff and what they ate for dinner
  6. Videos?

    I have a few give me your email and I will send them, I hope you have broadband
  7. This seems to be a grey area, I am looking at getting my car chipped but it is the insurance which is making me think twice. Who here has had it chipped and not told there insurance co and vice versa would be good to get a number
  8. CCC Technology

    ppp666, I have also been looking at this dealer as his prices are good. Anyone got any opinions on Upsolute and there tuning they seem very big in the US but only a couple of dealers over here
  9. Almost here...

    She look good, enjoy Saturday and don't forget the Optimax
  10. 282 bhp!!

    Andy, where have you got that info from. I have looked on Revo's site and cannot find it, the reason wht I ask is that I am very interested in the revo upgrade and was wanting to know a price etc. Thanks in advance Nick
  11. Badges

    Barry I put a link on the other post, £14.99 on ebay. If you pm me your email I will email you photos of one on my Laser blue GTI
  12. Badges

    Barry try this link this is where I got mine from http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/RABBIT-HARE-GTI-BA...1QQcmdZViewItem Looks great on my Laser blue I did have some pictures posted on here somewhere.
  13. Badges

    Do you mean like the one in my avtar
  14. 18'' Monza Issue

    Stu1 the wheel was chipped before you picked it up then, or not. And you are still waiting for it now!!! bloody hell I better get my skates on
  15. 18'' Monza Issue

    Its is on the line of the polished bit and the grey inner, I will take some pic tomorrow so you can see. I am just worried on them telling me it is not covered or a chip from driving. Also anyone have the answer to the painted calipers being covered under the paint warrenty