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  1. Rust on Mk5 Golf

    Random thread resurrection for anyone searching on this subject. I just had a wing replaced and hatch handle repaired under VW warranty due to rust. No issues or arguments, they checked car over and agreed. Just wouldn't do the other wing as it had already had a minor repair from a scrape I had which is fair enough. 7 year old car that was an import.
  2. Assume this isn't retrospective? I'm currently ignoring a private parking charge letter.
  3. Golf GTI Monza Refurb

    I had mine done a couple of years ago - they lasted less than a year before the white worm was back. So if you get them all refurbished I'd get them painted.
  4. The TSN photography studio

    Taken yesterday at the National Memorial Arboretum
  5. The TSN photography studio

    Is your stream public because I can't find you? Mine is Flickr: silentandy's Photostream
  6. The TSN photography studio

    Nice! I just added you as a contact on flickr, anyone else on there? My 60d decided to die today, I'm like an owner that's lost his dog
  7. Hyundai Veloster

    What is supposed to be the selling point of only having one rear door?
  8. Win 7, Office 2010 issue with 'Send To'

    In Word or Excel does Save & Send > Send Using Email work? If not you may have to reregister sendmail.dll
  9. IE8 no longer available for Win7?!?!

    Reinstall IE9 and run it in IE8 mode as a work around? Not exactly the same but could get you out of a hole.
  10. Photography courses

    I've seen a few mentions of people going on photography courses in the studio thread and wondered if any of you had any recommendations? In particular I would like to do a low light/night time course but open to suggestions to help me learn. I've found a few online but would prefer getting some feedback from someone that's been to one of them.
  11. The TSN photography studio

    A few more from last weekend
  12. Live football streaming

    Google "FSI Crew" their site is normally pretty good for linking to many different streams.
  13. The TSN photography studio

    Bought a new camera partly inspired by this thread, took a few pics in Lichfield over the weekend to try it out.
  14. Traffic Cops

    Anyone watching this now? The guy just caught doing 116 in a customer's TT highlights why I'm always nervous leaving my car at a dealers for any reason!
  15. Fantasy Footie League Now Live

    I just tried and can't join either
  16. Decided to hire a pro!

    This sounds wrong saying this but how much does a "pro" cost?
  17. First RR Evoque rolls off the production line

    Is it a bit of a Marmite car? I love the look of them and seen nothing but great reviews so far - it's a serious contender for my next car. (I don't like Marmite).
  18. Rear wiper motor

    My rear wiper has decided to start acting like a teenager, anyone know what part number I should be looking for on a MK5 MY06 for a replacement motor?
  19. Aston Martin Cygnet

    I saw this a month ago but only just remembered to post it. It was on the Aston Expressway on the way into Birmingham, I spotted it behind me so slowed down to let it go past. It just looked like a Toyota IQ with fancy lights, can't believe anyone has actually bought one of these. My guess is a footballer's wife!
  20. Satnav wiring power feed

    Easiest option is to just buy the can-bus adapter, makes it a simple plug and play job. I've got a 2DIN Kenwood in mine using this it made installation easily. My satnav antenna is just underneath the centre air vent and works pefectly well, not had any signal problems with it being there.
  21. Top Gear Reminder

    Bump to remind everyone it starts again this Sunday Series 16 in pictures: a sneak preview - BBC Top Gear
  22. Top Gear Reminder

    A really enjoyable episode and liked what they did with the Stig, they're not bitter are they! That mayor had the same comedic value as Boris Johnson. Did anyone else think one of the tyre mechanics sounded like Boomhauer from King of the Hill.
  23. Top Gear Reminder

    Did I really just see they go to Iraq in the second one?
  24. Helicopter tour of Manhatton

    Just got back from NYC. We managed to book and fly on the same day within a few hours and it was well worth it.