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  1. Hamilton vs Button

    This season Hamilton has outperformed Button complety in all aspects but one. The one area where Button is superior is intelligence, as has been mentioned before in this thread. For example in Brazil, when Lewis overtook him and started fighting with Hulkenberg, Button appeared to deliberately sit back to let them trip over each other and the win was handed to him on a plate. This is something that Lewis doesn't do. The problem with button is that he will rarely win against Hamilton in a straight fight as he is slower. Button has not been the luckiest but Hamilton's season reads like a comedy: Singapore - 1st place, mechanical dnf Abu Dhabi - 1st place, mechanical dnf Brazil - 1st place, Hulkenberg spun into him (understandable under the conditions) Spa - taken out by grosjean Spain - taken out by Maldonado from 3rd position Germany - flat tyre from Massa's smashed front wing, dnf Bagrain - back of grid I think as no fuel left korea - roll bar failure Japan - shock failure Plus a fair few pit stop errors early season before the team improved. After those errors, the fact that he still beat Button this season is impressive. Also hamilton won 2 out of 3 seasons which is probably the most important stat for the in house driver battle. Jenson is the cooler of the two though I think.

    Spud. Good point, life could always be worse!

    You don't know how bad my life is!

    The reason it frustrates me is because people go to a football match to escape the things in life that make them unhappy and they pay good money for a ticket. Why do they need this company logo being splattered all over the place? This will never sit well with me. As you say Milo there are plenty of other evils in the world that should be dealt with. I'm only focusing on this one to stay on topic. )

    This whole situation stinks. I feel sorry for newcastle fans in this sense as I would not want to see this logo for 90 minutes every time i watch my team play. It was a poor choice by Newcastle directors in so many ways. We are raised being told that we should look after other people as much as we can (a moral code), yet companies like this are allowed to thrive using despicable means. They prey on poor people who may be under big pressure to get money from somewhere, and then the interest rate takes a significant part away from their next months salary. This creates the vicious cycle. Then to hear that it damages your credit rating when applying for more ethical financial services, pushing you back down to the grasp of these people makes it even worse. They should be wiped off the face of the planet. Better still there should be tighter legislation to protect consumers and force loan sharks out of the market. Everyone has a choice, but it is fair to say that those who have a mortgage payment to make with no where else to turn, may have little choice but to use a payday loan company. Now they have targeted a key mass audience which was a clever move and no doubt will make them many millions. This to me is a contamination of a sport that I enjoy watching. I find the logo offensive and now have to see it when Newcastle come to the lane. I have never been offended by a football teams main sponsor until today. Maybe the only benefit that can come out of legal loan sharking is that it means they can't break your legs, right?
  6. Ringside seat: Bikes vs cars

    I can't argue with that. I guess it must be more dangerous than in 06 with people pushing the limits more and the increased volume of traffic. While not as spectacular you can get a similar fix riding a bike round Brands GP circuit, which is safer and many times cheaper. You do tend to push a lot harder on these tracks though. The one thing I do miss is the atmosphere of the Nurburgring and if I had a road legal bike I would love to ride with you in May.
  7. Ringside seat: Bikes vs cars

    My last post meant to read years not weeks! It was July 06 and the whether at the time was up to 40C. We made a holiday of it and soaked up the festival atmosphere as there was a big truck racing event at the short circuit. There is no way that you will get there and then put your sensible hat on to decide not to ride the ring. You will love it
  8. Ringside seat: Bikes vs cars

    Hi Scotty, glad to hear you are still enjoying the bikes! I spent a week at the ring a few weeks ago on my R6 during days when it was open to the pulic and it was brilliant. On the saturday and Sunday it was so busy you couldn't really do much but better during the weekday evenings (1700-2000 opening hours). It is a bit dodgy and I had one car veer across and nearly send me into the barrier and as I passed for a second time he had one hand on the wheel and one hand with a phone up to his ear. These kind of people kill riders pretty regularly at the ring from what I understand. Others crack their radiators and try and limp back to the car park leaving coolant everywhere. That said, I am waiting for the chance to get back there again as it is one of the best places I have ever been to. Good luck.
  9. Hi guys, I have been having a problem in my 05 a4 2.0tdi where pink coolant has been leaking from the left side of the driver footwell. It was only a slow leak but was getting worse and I was concerned that it would leave me stranded with an overheated engine somewhere. I did some research and everything pointed towards a leaking heater matrix. I looked into how much it would cost and prices varied from £500 - £800 to replace the leaky matrix, work which apparently needed the dash removing. I am too stingy to fork this kind of money out so got my tools out and removed some trim from under the steering wheel and then the matrix cover which was only a few socket bolts. As the photos below show you can trace the leak to where the pipe enters the matrix at the top. It turns out the clamp was not sitting correctly and was slightly distorted causing the coolant to leak. I ordered another one from audi for £6 and replaced the damaged one and the leak has stopped. Thought I would post this as the leaking heater matrix seems like a common problem on Audi's and it might be worth checking for loose connetions before taking the car off to the dealer with a tub of lube.
  10. Get out of the fast lane!

    Very funny video. It confirms that some people are not staying in the outside lane for any other reason than being completely switched off to the outside world and having no situational awareness (or any other type of awareness for that matter).
  11. Malaysian GP Banter

    This was an enjoyable race for a change. One of Buttons best drives for a long time in the dry and Vettel looking unbeatable although I am sure things will even out soon. Those Renaults are missiles.
  12. Hamilton: Red Bull are 'just a drinks company'

    I think you have summed things up pretty well there. Does slightly contradict the earlier flash in the pan statement though.
  13. Hamilton: Red Bull are 'just a drinks company'

    Hiya Scotty, hows life? Still in Essex? Ive been away a lot with work so have not really had time to visit Tyresmoke for a while. I remember Garcon having strong opinions about things so i thought I would contribute to the 'debate'. Hi Mook, who would you consider has more raw pace then?
  14. Hamilton: Red Bull are 'just a drinks company'

    Garcon, There is no driver on the grid with more raw pace than Hamilton, who in the last year has been winning races in a second rate car. The best comparison is Jenson vs Lewis as they are in the same car. Lewis is always faster, and Jenson is generally left moaning about his poor fortune in post race interviews, trying to explain his sub-par performances. This works out well for Hamilton as he has his team mate well and truly forced into the position of 2nd driver. They say the first challenge is to beat your team mate! Lewis has this sussed and i think he will have a very good chance of taking the title this year if the Mclaren can remain competitive. Flash in the pan....never heard such bull.
  15. Triumph Sprint St

    The triple will tick the boxes for noise and torque. You should find it a lot more flexible throughout the rev range than the CBR600F. For a fun country lane blast it will be very good and should be good enough for track days although not purposely built as a sports bike and I don't think you have full adjustability in the rear shock. So compared to a bike like the R6, it will be compromised on track if you are looking to really start pressing on. For the commute, well its extremely nimble with decent riding position but little or no wind protection so not nice over long distances. Also compared to a modern blade it won't feel that quick