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  1. RS3 UK Test

    haha, that clip was hilarious the way they carried on afterwards :D The Mario and Luigi comment especially made me chuckle But not really a good comparison as the RS gets a cheeky jump.. after that the M5 is just playing catchup (which it does begin to do). The Beemer is clearly faster above 3 figures at which point the 4wd has become a hindrance to the RS. Those E60 M5s are ballistic above a ton as the drivetrain is so efficient. Mo.
  2. MK Meet - Wed 1 September

    lol, bet they were rubbing their hands together when they saw you two, hehe. Sorry to hear that Simon, hope everything turned out ok?
  3. MK Meet - Wed 1 September

    OMG! This meet has died a death!! I couldn't make it as I am flat-out with work at the mo.. Did anyone turn up?! And only 13 views for the thread:eek:
  4. MK Meet - Wed 4 August

    Dunno, but I want my S8 back Nik, you were right all along - the D2 A8/S8 just cannot be beaten! In hindsight, I should have just serviced the ATF and kept it!!! The '6 plus is pretty good and fast and loud and makes everyone stop whatever it is they are doing and gawp wide eyed and wide mouthed and give a wave (especially blokes annoyingly, lol), but if I can still miss a car after 2 and a half years, then I wonder if I made the right decision... Basically: S8=Scalpel, RS6 plus=Sledgehammer (big one) LOL Anyway, the meet - will try to get to this one chaps. Money has been MEGA tight the past couple of months (had a rather large bill from HMRC) so I had to tighten my belt by way of making a couple of new holes if you get my drift...
  5. Current Audi RS6 out of production

    Hmm, could explain the low power if the engine let go a bit later on...there was clearly a major issue. Still, not good though and the green was (is) unique... Make sure you get the replacement on the MRC rollers!! (Sorry for going off topic guys:o)
  6. Current Audi RS6 out of production

    Looks like the blue plus above is still on DRC as it looks a bit high at the back.. Is that Amar? Hello mate! I was there with my sprint blue plus. Saw yours go on as well - did you manage to find out what caused the power loss in the end? Mo.
  7. MK Meet - Wed 5 May

    Should have said on my last post - congrats on 15,000 posts!
  8. MK Meet - Wed 5 May

    Well the Rodeo burger is still on the menu, it's just that you have to pay 5.69 for it, which if you think about it is only 69p more than doing the 2 for 10 anyway. The 6oz burger (which is effectively a Rodeo burger minus the bacon and onion rings) does now feature on the 2 for 9 menu, but is 5.49 anyway - only 20 lousy pence less than the Rodeo burger. Work that out!:confused:
  9. MK Meet - Wed 5 May

    Yep, including the Rodeo burger the bazzards!! AND, they had run out of stake'n'ale pies as well.. AND the rump stake is now only 5oz as well. Not only that, but there is only a 20p difference between the 6oz burger (now on the 2 for 9) and the Rodeo burger. It's all bolloxed!! On the plus side, there is the spicy menu where you get a meal and a pint for 5.99, but it ain't the same... Still 'ad a larf tho!
  10. MK Meet - Wed 5 May

    I'll be there! Not too busy today, so might give her a wash. Went to a recent Audi rolling road day and the car made fantastic power. 474ps (469bhp) and 673Nm (496lb/ft) - so the boost leak I had fixed has done the job. Feels every bit that power output on the road. Just need to get the cambelt done now - still only 28k on the clock but 6 years under it's, er, belt
  11. MK Meet - Wed 7 April

    I completely and utterly forgot about this. But as it turns out, I was working until gone 10pm on Wednesday so it don't really matter. Will try for the next one guys.
  12. MK Meet - Wed 3 February

    Hey Nik. Long time no see. I should be able to make this one. The RS6+ is running nicely and especially after having a boost leak fixed at MRC. Had a slightly embarrassing power-run a couple of months ago and the old girl only produced 441hp. Turned out there was a clip missing from one of the hoses! What with that fixed and the cool, dense winter air, the car feels like it's running better than ever. She's just clicked over 25.5k miles so still pretty low. Hopefully see you guys Wednesday.
  13. Audi Driver International

    hehe, was nice to see a couple of familiar faces from tsn there (tobes, matt). Saw you go round Matt and impressed by the '8 on track. You've done a damn good job with it. Saw the hairy moment with A8_Tony which could have been nasty but just held it but was great entertainment!! There were lots of "Ooohs" and "Ahhhs" amongst the crowd when you got it wrong! All in all a great day! Makes me wish I still had my S8!
  14. Kill CSN - it is full of undesirables

    Looks in a bit of a state at the mo! SPAMmers have taken over the place by the looks of it.
  15. MK Meet - Wed 5 August

    It went well and the weather was great. Nice meet and good to see you again chaps!