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  1. Down and out again

    sorry to hear that Soulboy. You've always offered others good advice and a positive view, so I hope it all turns out well for you. tough times! cheers
  2. Test drove a MK5 Gti today...

    ..there'll be another used one up for sale in syston soon, I'm upgrading mine to a new one in September. Best car I've ever had.
  3. Trade in etc

    Thanks Cupra and TwoSheds. When I ordered the current car initially I had it written into the order that if deliverly was late they provide a courtesy car, so I perhaps ought to do that again. I was without a car for 3 months last time, and before the courtesy car came I decided to buy an older banger to tide me over. A polo for £350. I actually used to quite like it. very basic with bouncy suspension. Sold it on for £250, so that was good. I guess I'll have to go down to VW and see what they have to say on trade in etc, but I think I might try a private sale in the month before the new one is delivered. Is autotrader the way to go or the local paper or both, would you say? cheer again.
  4. Trade in etc

    Well chaps, I have tornado red Apr 05, manual, 6 Cd, leather, 30,000 miles, 18" monza, pretty good nick. wheels a bit scuffed, and feel its time to perhaps move on.... to another Gti. so its a question of do I just trade in and have done or try and sell privately? The guy at VW said its about a 20 week wait at the mo, which is just about right to get a new Sept 08 plate. All well and good. Now being a bit thick I wonder... if I go and order one now, how does the trade in work, given that I won't be handing the car over until Sept 08. Do they fix the trade in price now, or what goes on exactly? I'm just thinking that I don't want to end up in a situation in September with a car I cant shift privatley and a new one on my hands... might cause a cash flow problems!
  5. Another broken heart...........

    Good luck mate. It's a tough time and there are lots of cliches to go with it. It's a fact that the fog will clear, the feelings for her will subside and you will find someone new when you are ready. Fate plays a hand in this and in the grand plan it's probably for the best and you will in time find someone better. I know it's hard to be positive when it's so raw but friends and family make it a whole lot easier. It happened to me and i'm now about four months down the line and you do need time to reflect and regroup and get your head back on the level. Like dukeboy says the best in your life is still to come.
  6. Where are the laydees?

    Thanks Dan32. I'm tempted to try match and may well give it a go. At least it gets an introduction. I'm slightly worried about hooking up with a loon, but I guess you can meet a loon anywhere. A few weeks ago another mate made an introduction, and whilst sober she was fine, but then kapow! a right nutter and lucky escape for me. I'm at the gym already as I need to get down to my fighting (dating) weight. I've not tried spinning. it looks like a sure fire way to break your legs, but now you've said it I do recall there is always a stream of girls coming out of the spinning studio. food for thought. I know there are other classes there too. I've always stuck to the treadmill etc, so maybe expanding my horizons at the gym might help. I met my last gf in msn chatrooms and was with her for four and a half years, but I think that was closed down and not sure whether such things still exist? I hadn't thought of speed dating and like you it doesnt appeal greatly, but may be worth a go. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Anyway guys keep your wisdom coming! cheers
  7. Where are the laydees?

    Guys and gals of the tyresmoke massive, a bit of advice would be appreciated. Both me and my mate have both found ourselves single and looking again. Funnily enough we both split up with our long term partners within a month of each other. After a few months of getting the brain back into order etc we are contemplating re entering the good old daunting dating game, and that age old question of where to start and where to find a new girl raises its head. If anyone has any tips or advice as to where might be a good place to look, or any tales of where you met your gf etc, that might give us a welcome steer. Bars are of course the obvious answer, but it seems to me that that limits the potential girly audience greatly. Typically we are looking for 30+. Having spent a night out the other week sober, it also struck me that getting pissed in a bar, might not help create a good impression anyway. I know often people say dont look and ye shall find, but not looking in the right places might help things along a bit, if you catch my drift. Anyone tried etc? Are such websites any good? Anyway any thoughts would be welcome. cheers.
  8. New ipod - upgrade the earphones?

    A vote for CX300's here. I bought some shure E3c and at 5x the price I think they are twice as crap. They were very clear and all but a right pain trying to get a good ear seal and thus any decent base.
  9. Help on trade in price

    cheers guys. good tips! why am i changing... well its about 2 and a half years old and time for a new one. Partly I just like having a new car. I always had in mind that I would keep it no longer than three years. I've basically been saving up my projected depreciation over the three years - 50% of purchase price, so that when it gets to 36 months I can afford a new one. I dont think it's quite been 50% so i'm slightly ahead, and feel I may as well offload it sooner rather than hang on. I was aiming to get a 57 plate, but may wait for 08 yet. Its a nice car and all and am happy to get the same again, I just dont want to end up with an "old" car that needs MOT's and tyres and costs loads in repairs and servicing and stuff, plus the warranty will have expired soon. It had it's 2nd service at VW yesterday for £206, which didnt seem too bad. I used to be in a leasing scheme at work and the rentals were increasing annually at a rapid rate. For my Mk4 V6 4Mo I was paying £294 a month on a 12 month contract, but when the Mk5 came out prices went upto circa £350pm for a basicish model, so I thought I may as well buy a new one for cash (and indeed buy a model I liked) and just save the rental I was no longer paying in the bank to use against the purchase of the next car. It probably all sounds a bit cock eyed, but here I am with a 2 and a half year old GTi and 11k to spend. My old man used to keep cars for years and end up with a worthless pile of rust, so Ive decided to recycle regularly.
  10. Help on trade in price

    cheers guys. I have the feeling im gonna get done over. its in pretty good nick inside, the only prob I can see are the wheels having been kerbed by the ex gf a few times (women eh!!), but they're not horrendous.Ive got about £11k cash to play with so if I get 14k or so, it'll be about right for a new one. any good haggling tips. I'm crap at it. cheers
  11. guys, im about to go and see what my local vw dealer will give me on a trade in for a new golf gti My specs are Reg April 05, 05 plate Tornado red 18" monza 11, slight scuffing, much to my annoyance! leather heated seats 6 cd with arm rest 23k miles any ideas on what i might expect. Also any views on whether I might expect to see a discount. I know they're usually tight wads. any help gratefully received. cheers Paul
  12. What ADSL / modem / wireless router?

    I've got a netgear dg834N and its fine. works like a dream, so would recommend no probs.
  13. B**tards

    Steffi, this is such a difficult time for you and I offer my well wishes in these tough times. be strong and take care
  14. New earphones wanted

    Ive just bgt some sennheiser CX300. very good for the price, I think they were about £16 or so on amazon. Also just bought some shure E3c, which were about £70 on amazon. The shures are very good, but I think you need a decent bit rate to hear them at their best. They are also very fiddly and you need to get a good fit in your ear to get the bass to come out. On balance I dont think I would have bothered for £70.
  15. SE W880i

    Agree with Gren generally. Have had one for about three weeks. Functionality is very similar to my old W800i. Sizewise it's great. buttons a tad fiddly but getting used to it. Camera ok, but not fantastic, no flash, zoom not great, but then that to be expected I guess. No radio, but never used it in the past so not bothered. Mp3 player seems pretty ok. comes with 1gb card. No problems transfering music. Synch's with lotus notes no problem. battery life seems ok. can recharge via USB connection. Overall glad i got it. nice and sleek.