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  1. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    IMHO it doesn't suit white as much as the MKV did. Might look quite nice in Silver or Met Black... I'll reserve judgement till I see it in the flesh...
  2. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Taken from the What Car website - On the GTI; "We've already seen it, and while it is relatively understated alongside some hot hatches, it is still easy to identify thanks to a honeycomb lower grille with Audi R8-like side strakes, LED lamps on the lower edge of the light clusters, a subtle rear diffuser and side skirts, and a roof-top spoiler."
  3. Pricing my Gti

    Wow - small world Phil! Glad to hear you're enjoying the car - worth every penny I think you'll agree. I really miss her now that she's gone! Send me some pics if you take her anywhere exotic
  4. Pricing my Gti

    Looks like it's still on autotrader... A smidge under £13K now - nice car for the money
  5. Top Gear

    Somebody quoted a story from msn motoring (on the pistonheads forum) that May and Hammond may be leaving as their contracts are up and they haven't yet come to an agreement over their new deals. Perhaps there is some backstage rivalry going on now - May's anger at Hammond constantly driving into him was clear for everyone to see. Even I was getting angry - how many times has he pulled that stunt over the last few series? It's getting so old now! Perhaps it is time for a change of personnel as the sketches are less and less about the cars but more about these three chaps playing tricks on each other during their roadtrips
  6. Pricing my Gti

    I've just sold mine for £13,750 - took about 4 weeks to sell. Mine was an 05/05 with 22K miles, xenons, winter pack, CD changer and armrest, highline, cruise, Lux pack 1 and self-fitted sat nav. So slightly lower spec than yours (no leather or sun roof) but 8K less miles. As the car was mint I originally advertised at 14.5K + £200 for the sat nav in auto trader (included room for haggling) but got no interest. I reduced to 13,950 + 200 and calls came in at about 2 or 3 a week - eventually selling to someone from a Pistonheads advert. Like I say, eventually settled for 13750 all in - I thought this was rather good - between 60-63% retained value after 3 years was a pretty good result especially in this economic climate. I think if you can afford to wait then the price you're asking is about right. If you want to sell quicker I'd suggest that you drop it slightly below £14,000 so that you car falls into the searches for 2005 cars between 13000-14000 rather than 14000-15000. Good luck with your sale. I'm already missing the ol'girl but now on the lookout for an E93 330D...
  7. Nitrogen anyone....HA HA HA!

    [ QUOTE ] the nitrogen molecules are larger so less leakage. over here we can get nitrogen at most reputable tyre/wheel dealers. [/ QUOTE ] Somebody in Telegraph motoring seems to have a different opinion: 'The benefits of using nitrogen are more likely to come from the lack of moisture in the compressed gas (compared with what you get using an air compressor). Also, nitrogen is a non-oxidant and won't attack the rubber compounds, thus improving longevity inside the tyre.' See 'Boost the Chemist' note in Honest John's Agony Column in Telegraph Motoring... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/main...4/15/ixmot.html
  8. The Stevie thoughts

    [ QUOTE ] Hi Steve, Stunning Gti you've got there. I noticed your car doesn't have an aluminium foot rest - to match the peddles? I've seen/driven others with it. Do you know if this is a 2006 spec change or was your car an import? I'm interested because I'm due to collect my car from Euroimports next week and I've not been sure if I'd get the aluminium foot rest! [/ QUOTE ] I thought the aluminium foot rest only came with left hand drive models? All the pictures of rhd cars that I've seen don't have them - was suggested that VW couldn't be bothered to make a special rhd clutch rest
  9. DVD nav

    [ QUOTE ] Does anyone understand how the ones on ebay can play CD's in the Nav slot when the factory fitted ones do not? Can the factory fit ones be hacked to play CD's? [/ QUOTE ] There are two versions of the DVD unit - If I'm not mistaken you can tell them apart by the part number. If it ends in 'A' then it's one of the earlier DVD units that couldn't play audio CDs in the Slot. Later models ending in 'B' (revision B) have the facility to play CDs in the slot. Obviously if you're listening to a CD in the slot then the DVD nav mapping disk wont be in the unit so the navigation function will be disabled...
  10. Buying Xenons after delivery

    [ QUOTE ] ...fitting LED rear indicator bulbs....you just plug em in like ordinary replacement bulbs. [/ QUOTE ] have read on another forum that this may not work very well (if at all) because the cars computer will think your bulbs are faulty as the current drawn by LEDS is not the same as those drawn by normal bulbs...
  11. Sorry, broadband question again

    As an indicator I surf approx 3 hours a day and play online games for 2 hrs a day. Don't download songs, movies, etc. My total usage usaually hovers between 3 and 4GB a month.
  12. Free Braodband

    I'd agree, it sounds like a good deal but I'm a bit put off by the 18 month tie in. If the service is really pants then you're stuck for 18 months. The last time carphone warehouse did a great deal they ended up being overloaded with demand and customer service went down the drain - see ADSLguide.org... Might be worth waiting to see how others in the market react.
  13. Sorry, broadband question again

    As has been suggested you could cancel the NTL. Sign up with the new carphone warehouse deal where for £20.99 a month you get phone and 'unlimited' broadband at up to 8MB download speeds. You'll no longer need to pay BT as carphone warehouse will 'take-over' your existing BT line. Theres a tranfer charge and you'll probably be able to keep your exisitng BT number. Don't know about the customer service though... If you want to keep paying BT line rental and sign up with a new broadband provider (in place of NTL) then there are plenty of options for around the £15 per month mark, e.g. eclipse, freedom2surf, etc. Hope that makes sense!
  14. Door reflectors/lights

    This is part of the cust cutting measure introduced on the MkV - they're just reflectors I'm afraid.
  15. K750i should I upgrade?

    the w810i is available for purchase now on the O2 website....