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  1. iPhone 4 officially announced

    I use SPB Wireless Monitor on my HTC HD2 which breaks it down for each Application. Not sure what's available for the Iphone.
  2. iPhone 4 officially announced

    Looks like when you upgrade you go on the new limited tarrif.
  3. Was Schumacher's return a wise move?

    Lying 9th in the championship at 41, maybe the 15 drivers below him should give up as well..
  4. Lewis or Anthony Hamilton

    Did it look like this.. This is the way Anthony Hamilton left it the last time
  5. China GP Banter

    He already has xnCsG0DlXkU
  6. Bahrain GP Banter

    Totally agree with them, the most boring race I have seen for a long time, the test sessions were more exciting. The FIA have finally killed the sport. Looking forward to the MotoGP in four weeks
  7. I'm ready for some bad news.......

    I got a quote from Drive the Deal. With DSG it worked out at about 10% discount. UK supplied car from a UK dealer. Not sure if anyone has used them before.
  8. Touch HD2....

    Good news on the Phone, Didn't last long myself, I went to the HTC site to download the latest firmware and because my phone was O2 branded it wouldn't let me, Not any more. HSPL enabled, bye-bye O2.. I just entered my Email details Manually, they automatically are set to leave messages on server after reading so I can pick them up at home in Outlook..
  9. 2010 F1 Car unveilings

    looks even blander from the side, must be the guy that was designing the road cars recently
  10. Touch HD2....

    You know you want to.. Running Navigon on the way home it is so smooth and fast..
  11. Touch HD2....

    Just got my HD2 delivered yesterday, what a phone, major speed update from the HD and the screen is huge.
  12. Touch HD2....

    Yea, I can understand the long tie in, I was a bit reluctant and would have preferred 12 months or 18 at max. I already have the touch HD so was just wanting the HD2 and this was the cheapest way of getting it. However I hear an HD3 is planned for later this year with a 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor to be launched with Windows Mobile 7.
  13. Touch HD2....

    Keep at them, I finally got them down to £25pm 500mins 1000txts and unlimited data, phone £69.99. I had to sign up for a 24mnth contract for that though and that was the third call. Told them I could get that deal through a third party but couldn't be bothered to go through the pain of moving my number to PAYG and then my number to my new contract just to end up in the same place. Hopefully get the phone early next week
  14. Apple iPad

    Someone else not happy on a well worn theme.. lQnT0zp8Ya4&hl
  15. Toyota expands sticking pedal recall to Europe

    Does this mean that if you own a Toyota you can do what ever speed you like on the Motorway. Sorry Officer the accelerator pedal just seemd to be stuck down