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  1. BMW X5M On the road!

    Hi, I am in the market for this car. Can you tell me what it is like to drive (a bit more detail). How does it compare to the M3 or 135i for example? Does it feel as quick as the acceleration numbers suggest? How does it handle? There has been NO review of the X5M. Thanks!
  2. MK5 R32 - ownership

    Thanks all... Paging LeeR, paging LeeR...oh and DeckedR32.
  3. MK5 R32 - ownership

    Hi all, I am currently trying to decide if I should replace my wife's chipped (APR) MkV GTI with a new R32. Can those who have owned or driven both comment on how they compare? In particular if you have driven a GTI with the ECU reflashed by an after market tuner. One thing I really love about our GTI is the huge mid-range torque which makes real world driveability great. I would appreciate any comments and review on the two cars. Thanks!
  4. I've got one...

    Do you have more pictures? We ordered a white one and would love to see more pics of it. Thanks!
  5. Hello from a new GTi owner

    Wow that is really nice. I can't wait to get mine. As a former Cooper S owner, can I ask what the ride of the GTI is like relative to the Cooper S (which wheels did you have?)? Heck, can you just give us a comparison of the two cars from the perspective of power, handling, ride, etc.
  6. Sat Nav?

    [ QUOTE ] Hi, am in Sydney and have ordered a black with black leather and DSG. Has your dealer confirmed the price yet? Mine is being very non committal. Have signed an agreement that it won't cost over $47,990 on the road. That price is based on the on the road being $43k. If it comes in less he reduces the price accordingly. Phoned another dealer and was quoted $49k!! Any idea what the price will be? [/ QUOTE ] Hi there. Are you on the vortex board? There is an aussie section there if you have any specific question relating to our market. $47990 sounds like a good deal. VW Australia have not confirmed the price yet, but so far the consensus is that the car is $39990, leather is $2990, DSG is $2300. Based on that, you are getting some discount on the car. I think without discounts it would be about $49k.
  7. Sat Nav?

    [ QUOTE ] Yes, its only the tight barstards in the UK that make us pay extra for it. Alot of people are getting the central armrest. Gives you somewhere to keep ipod, etc. [/ QUOTE ] Err, center armrest is also standard. Our only options are roof (no thanks, I have a convertible for real open air driving), DSG (ticked), xenon (ticked), sat nav (should I?), and leather (I like the old skool tartan!). The one option that would be really useful but we don't get is parking sensor.
  8. Sat Nav?

    That's a good point Gareth, I should test one out before deciding. It is so obvious an answer yet I never thought of that option! Will do it today.
  9. Sat Nav?

    [ QUOTE ] If you go to the VW GTi page here, I think you can find some images of a white GTi in either the Gallery or Configurator area of the site. Re SatNav, I'm just going to transfer my TomTomGo over to the GTi when it arrives - a far cheaper option Edit: for more white GTi images, go to Google, then Images, and type in Golf GTi and you should see the GTi in a range of colours. [/ QUOTE ] Thanks for that. I did that and all I can come up with are 3 door GTI's in white. I still haven't seen the 5 door in white.
  10. Sat Nav?

    Yes, we get cruise control and buttons on the steering wheel and paddles as standard equipment. I am in Australia btw.
  11. Sat Nav?

    I have been told by my dealer today that I have 2 days to change my order. Currently I have a white GTI with DSG and xenon ordered. However I continually wonder if I should get sat nav. What are your views on the CD based system (especially those who already have one on their car)? What other option should I consider? We already get paddle shift and 10 speaker stereo as standard. Also, does anyone have a pic of 5 door GTI in white? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi all, my first post too. Hoping to get my car by around May or June. The thing is, I am in Australia and VW here couldn't tell us the exact delivery date. Btw, can someone tell me why I can't see the pictures you guys and gals post? All I get is a red X.