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  1. 90 induction kit

    hi could any one tell me if an induction kit is available for the audi 90 2.3 10 valve engine? 1990 reg. if so where can i get 1 from? cheers.
  2. VR6 stutter

    the golf had a diagnostic test today which revealed 4 faults!! the main 1 which i think is the cause of my problems is 00532-supply voltage too high, its charging at 17.5 volts!!!!!! so i went out and bought an alternator regulator hoping thats the problem? is the alternator difficult to remove?
  3. VR6 stutter

    my local garage has a diagnostic computer which i ll get them to plug into the golf, that should give me the same fault codes as a vag-com but it will cost me a lot less than VW!
  4. VR6 stutter

    its a '94. i thought the coil pack as well but i checked that twice using the water spray method and its definately not arcing. dont think i mentioned when it stutters the lights dim to. i ve been told to check battery connections etc but it just doesn't seem to be that sort of fault.
  5. VR6 stutter

    yeah i ve seen it. every time i tried to go to it it just said "this page cannot be displayed" managed to get to it eventually and there is already a post on there with the same problem. by the way nice mk3 seadogvr.
  6. VR6 stutter

    thank you. i ll keep an eye out for tobes then.
  7. What is a T350 for?

    in my opinion the t350 looks fantastic regardless of the colour! i love 'em, even more so after watching viki butler-henderson thrash 1 in an episode of 5th gear. im 21 and owning a golf VR6, hope to get qualified at work and possibly have a tvr cerbera! idealy a t350 but dont think i could aford 1. theres a 1996 cerbera on the autotrader web site for £14,500! now thats serious bang for your buck!!
  8. VR6 stutter

    Hi im a new member to the site, just registered. This is the first decent VW forum i ve come across, unless im missing them? any way i ve recently bought a mk3 golf VR6 which is a fantastic car! but it has a "stutter" which is always there regardless of how its driven. spoke to VW and they said a common problem for that is the distributor box can break down and causing arching, but i dont think its that. they also said about plugs and leads which is another obvious and plausable solution. was just wondering if any of you guys have come across such a problem and if you know of any other ways to cure it? apart from that the car is great, its only covered 83k miles so cant imagine there would be too much of a problem specially being a VW?! any way i appreciate any feed back.