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  1. I hope thats not the final look, looks no different to my mates S-line. Anyway sorry for starting this thread, can everyone jump over too the link mollox posted
  2. Check the link, it has the prototype being tested Audi S3
  3. I drove the Focus ST

    I was one of the lucky few that got a big discount from drive the deal 11% in total. I rememebr the lawyer bloke though , it got a bit OTT I since sold for a diesal for mileage reasons. I'm not bloody bored off it after 3 months of ownership and want a apetrol again. Thinking of getting the focus ST3.. i'm trying to get away from the badge snobbery., I just have this fear that I will get one and every 17 year old will also have one
  4. Golf v 5 R32 configurator now live

    what a joke, just specced one up with DSG, leather, 6 disc changer, rear parking sensors, winter pack & luxpak and it came to £28,200. Thats a joke for a GOLF imo, pick up a decent 2nd hand m3 convertible for not much more.
  5. R32 v TDi

    ha ha, funny you should say that , I was doing really high mileage in my Mark V GTi so I traded it for a very high spec 05 plate GT TDI, it's very impressive and I was getting 57mpg. My tdi has 17" estoril alloys, sat nav, leather, cruise, auto lights + washers, 6 disc changer. Well impressed
  6. Selling your Mark V Golf GTi? Why?

    I almost sold mine earlier this year but then thought there was nothing better out there. I will be looking at trading mine in for an EOS next year providing it's not too overpriced. Like my Golf GTi and I've been very impressed, I just love convertibles. It's a beautiful looking car when clean though with them lovely 18" monza's.
  7. Depreciation of the Mk5 GTI!

    I've decided to trade mine in once the new EOS comes out providing it's not over 25K for the 2.0fsi turbo version, here's hoping.
  8. GTi Overpriced???

    Good points, I also think the build quality on my GTi are very good, less rattles then I had with the BMer, I'm going to take a look at the EOS when that come sout and consider trading mine, I will stick with the 2.0 fsi as it's such a great engine, it may be slightly slower though.
  9. GTi Overpriced???

    I agree, I don't think I will get another BMW, too much and the service is rubbish. I will stick to around 20 - 25k on a car I reckon in the future, as for my GTi, after 6 months I still love driving it which is a first for me. I usually get bored of cars after a couple of months. I do like the EOS though to be honest apart from when it has it's roofup. I got my GTi after seeing it at last years frankfurt motorshow, it looked something very special, i'm please to say it is. It's just a shame VW charge silly money for leather. I like my cloth though, at last it won't crack ;o)). IMO you don't buy a GTi because you want to save money, i'm no boy racer but I still love to put my foot down and feel some acceleration, plus that lovely noise the turbo makes.
  10. GTi Overpriced???

    I lost just under 10k on mine in 1.2 years, well and truly gutted even though it was a nice car.
  11. GTi Overpriced???

    I agree with both Redrobin and Aswall, I think the spec is quite low but it is such a great all round car. I thought it would be an interesting debate to see what people thoguht of their GTi's after a bit of time of owning. Mine is 7 months old and has done 8000 miles. It has a fantastic engine IMO My previous cars include a BMW 325ci sport ocnvertible which cost a fortune and lost a ton after only one year, the thing that does make me laugh though is my in between clio 172 had a better standard spec then the GTi, Xenons, auto headlights , auto wind screen washers, Alcantera/Half leather & 6 disc changer. Only problem with that was I hit a lampost at 5 miles an hour and the backaxle snapped ;o)) Ihad to pay for all these options in the GTi even though they are standard on several cheaper cars.
  12. GTi Overpriced???

    Hi Guys, Before getting into this whole conversation of the GTi being overpriced I first wanted to say I love mine.... however I managed to negiogiate a large discount when I ordered mine in early Nov 04. I got 22.5k worth of car and extras for 20K whihc made it a good deal for me. I know some people have fully specced there car to around 26k. Reason being you have the following cars that are cheaper. Focus ST - Just seen the prices and the top of the range version makes the GTi look very overpriced, this is 19.5k with leather and evrything. Vauxhall VXR - I wouldn't touch it but the price is good. R32 - Kinda thin they have shot themsekves in the foot if it is really as cheap as they say, This would make a fully specced GTi more expensive given the standard options on the R32. Megane 225 trophy - admitedly it does look cheap inside. Golf EOS - Different sort of car and I know they haven't arranged a price, I have heard it starts at around 19k. 1 series Just interested in people's views, would you still order your GTi in the face of the new competition?
  13. TomTom Go

    It's fairly straight forward, you vcan get the instructions on the pocketgps website. If not make sure your Tomtom is connected via USB, it should show up as a drive in windows explorer. Unzip the files, copy them into the tomtom under the maps directory, it should be Great Britain. Once you have done this unplug your tomtom, power it up, edit the poi options to include your new speed cameras. You can set distance and sond warnings. Hope this help
  14. Frankfurt R32 pics

    Here's the 5 door model http://www.autoweek.com/files/specials/2005_frankfurt/r32/pages/01.htm