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  1. Rear wiper fault

    Definitely a known fault - had this on my previous GTi, but not on the Ed30. Dealer replaced the wiper motor under warranty.
  2. Dealer fit Cruise and MFSW

    Quite right - just testing!
  3. Dealer fit Cruise and MFSW

    VW probably decided that 4 buttons on the MFSW was enough. Any more and it would look like a clown's jacket! Having said that, controls for cruise on the wheel would be a nice option.
  4. Golf MkV ED30 GTI

    [ QUOTE ] Did it say in the brochure for the ED30 that production was limited to 1500? If that's the case then you may have an argument for false advertising. If not, forget it and just enjoy your now "top of the range" GTI. [/ QUOTE ] I think it was more a case of 1500 being made available to UK dealers.
  5. Edition 30 software update

    My Ed30 had its first service on Monday, and no software update was needed.
  6. R32/ED30 Rear Lights?

    Not these ones here?
  7. Cut off for ordering Edt 30

    I believe 1500 were allocated for the UK market.
  8. Another flexi card to add to my collection

    My VW dealer has introduced their own "loyalty card". For each service you get a sum of money credited to the card that can be used as a discount against buying a new car from them. Anyone else had this?
  9. Agreed. Plus after a three-hour motorway journey you can still feel your right foot
  10. Leicester Volkswagen.

    Only experience was servicing my GT TDi two cars ago. Car wasn't bought from them, but they were handy for service/warranty work. Never again - you have been warned
  11. Bought a ED30 today - a Few questions

    Wallet still there, but car gone
  12. Test Drive in Edt 30 @ Dealership

    Steel Grey - nothing else comes close
  13. Back wiper turns itself on!

    This was a persistent problem on my 05 GTi - replacement wiper motor under warranty solved it. I believe the problem was still affecting later models.
  14. GTI's in Los Angeles

    Only in America...