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  1. Where would I get BBS Ch's?

    I have a set of 20'' bbs ck with pirellis on if ur interested?
  2. Just a feeler to see if anyone would be interested as im getting rid of the R32 soon
  3. Watches anyone?

    Any chance of a price for one of these?
  4. Mk5 R32 oil filter

    Does anyone know where the engine oil filter is located on an R32 and do you need any special tools to undo it?
  5. VAGCOM in Sussex

    Does anyone have VAGCOM in the Sussex/Brighton area?
  6. Did i get a good price?

    Need the money for a deposit on a flat
  7. Did i get a good price?

    Having just sold my Mk5 GTI for £18250, I'm just thinking if this was a good price? Keep seeing ads on ebay etc for lower spec, higher mileage cars in region of £19-20k. Mine was a 3dr in black with only 5500 miles on it by the way.
  8. Mk5 R32 keyring?

    Does anyone know if the mk5 R32 comes with the same goodies that came with the mk4 such as the umbrella and keyring.
  9. Ipod help

    Trying to fit an ipod kit to my GTI, but unfortunately it doesn't fit. I bought a kit made by Blaupunkt thinking it would plug straight into the OEM headunit (as its made by Blaupunkt). Spoke to their technical department and they said it would it wouldn't work even if i did try to change the connector. Anyway, fact is it has to go back and was wondering what other options i have. Would a Dension kit be any better? I've got the RCD500 headunit so the CD changer plug is unused.
  10. Running in

    Finally going to get my hands on my GTI this saturday but was wondering how long it will take to run it in?
  11. Its here, finally

    Been told be my stealer that my GTI is in the country but ive yet to see it. Was wondering if it will be a 2006 model as it was build week 25. Any ideas as to finding out if it is a 2006 model?
  12. Insurance - comedy!

    Im 21 and currently with direct line. Got a new GTI on order but i wont be telling them its got 18's as they are factory fitted and i think they are only talking about after market wheels. I do agree that directline are crap because i had trouble proving i had 4 years no claims bonus because they said i hadn't sent them proof from my previous insurer
  13. Gutted - build date now first week of June

    Ordered my GTI at the end of february and found out last week that its going to be build week 24 so looks like i will get it end july (originally supposed to be mid may).
  14. Build dates

    I ordered my GTI over 2 months ago and i still havent been given a build date for my car. I've heard that ordering 18's can lenghten the delivery time but i was interested in seeing what delivery times other people are getting. The stealer did initially tell me it would be 3-4 months
  15. Bi-xenon headlights

    Will get on to the stealer tomorrow to see what they say. Been waiting over a month now and i've had no news of the build date. I'm a bit worried that if i add xenons to the order i might have to wait even longer