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  1. TSN Bikers Roll Call

    sapphire1616 - Buell Firebolt XB12R - Buck's Scotty - CBR600F - Essex Sam - BMW F800 GS - NW London shark_90 - AssBandit 600S - Nottingham veracocha (ben) - track gsxr600 - Essex Danksy - CB600F Hornet - Kent Cuprabob - GSXR1000K7 - Ayrshire Byron13 - R1 (now gone) Original Italian Scooter OTW - Essex Mick - Duacti 848 (In white of course ) - Essex Avus_Bub - Suzuki GSX-R1000K6 - Surrey Jon - BMW K100LT - Berkshire David - Fireblade - Lancashire SiAudiSline - Ducati 1098S - West Yorkshire Centurysup - Ducati 998 - Edinburgh Mort - Honda CBR1000RR, Honda VFR750 RC36, GasGas EC300, GasGas250 Pampera - Auckland NZ Pingpongpo - CBR600F - Suffolk Jimmy-Ducati 748S- Southern area Brabus - GSXR 750 (K7) - Geneva area DukeDesmo - Ducati 916 - Leics SneakyMcC - The Riot! - Romford, Essex bk - Hornet FA8 - Surrey cb_cab - Cagiva Navigator - Surrey steffiraf - CBR600F - Lancashire
  2. B**tards

    Hi everyone, sorry, have not been on the site for ages and have just come on for a nosy, and seen that this thread had been resurrected. Yes am furious about the sentence, but there's not a lot we can do about it really. :mad: Paul is home full time now, but needs 24hr supervision. He can do things for himself, but he has no concentration whatsoever, so he has to be watched all the time, so he doesnt do something silly like cut himself when chopping veg(for example). His personality has changed forever, he no longer is the mild tempered fun loving man he was. He's stubborn, aggressive and lazy. Pauline(his wife) god love her, is at her wits end with him. He's got enough nouse(sp) to know when he's in company, so behaves almost normally, but at home he's just horrible. He wont get up in a morning, have a shave, get dressed, shouts at the kids(whereas prev he never raised his voice) and bullies them, and point blank refuses to do anything for Pauline. His mother doesnt want anything to do with him either, so she's stuck between a rock and a hard place. I really worry about her. So thats where we're at now, but i honestly feel that something is going to give this year. I dont know how much more Pauline can put up with. I feel she's torn between standing by Paul and protecting her kids. The youngest is terrified of Paul now, so much so, he has been seeing a child psychologist. And there's absolutely nothing we can do to help But on a lighter note, I hope you all have had a great festive season, and i send you my best wishes for 2009 x
  3. Photo of your bike ...

    My CBR600FV - btw i know the clamp on the exhaust is upside down, it refused to fit on properly so got hit with a hammer and now wont turn round without scratching it
  4. News of Joy!!

    What Scotty said....nice one!
  5. Now that was a shock, what a delima

    Yr not brave enough
  6. Subarus - Owners and their cars....

    I agree, some look really sh*te, and i cant understand why owners feel the need to bu**er about with the engine. If they dont like it as it is, why buy one? Mine is completely standard engine wise, the only things i've changed is a stainless exhaust(fairly quiet), the wheels, changed the orange indicators for clear ones and tinted it. Surely if Subaru thought the engine needed all theses gauges, turbo timers and other rubbish that people fit, they would have fitted it in the first place If it aint broke, dont fix it, is my motto. Thats why most scoobs go bang. Gratuitous pic of mine
  7. Now that was a shock, what a delima

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] wow!!!!! a 12" pipe [/ QUOTE ] Shame for that to go to waste, can they transplant that? [/ QUOTE ] Sod the transplant, till him to get a cast done first! Then send it to me. I could make a fortune. Would obviously have to test drive it first Sorry, couldnt resist
  8. credit crunch

    Thanks Ari, why did someone just not say that in the first place?
  9. Dark grey RS4

    Nice car, complete tosser driving. I was cruising home in chill out mode after work and I had no intention of racing you. I wasn't inmpressed, nor was i willing to race you. Yr ego obviously got the better of you. Your display of throwing grit didnt impress me. Only one word for you matey...knobber
  10. Don't try this at home.

    That is freaky!
  11. credit crunch

    I just read all of this thread and it may as well have been written in chinese! Finance isnt one of my strong points obviously
  12. Awareness test.

    I checked, they didnt...very good
  13. 1st day commuting and knocked off !

    Sorry for the late reply on this thread. Am so sorry to hear about your off Scotty. Thankfully no permanent damage done, except to your pride perhaps. At least you've got it out of the way now and can get on with building your confidence. Hope you get it sorted soon
  14. Help REALLY needed!!

    I'm in a similar situation. I'm friends with a bloke who really is special to me, but i darent/wont tell him how i feel. He knows i fancy him, but he thinks its just a joke between us. I dont think he feels the same way, but saying that there is an undercurrent that makes me feel he doesnt see me as just an aqaintance(if that makes sense). Telling him how i feel is not an option, nor is inviting him for a random night out. I should point out that he is a lot younger than me in years, but not in mind. I really couldnt just say it. Sorry to hijack the thread ETA.. he is single, he told me when he split from his most recent
  15. How do they compare?

    I think my bike is like my car. Impreza Turbo2000(uk, standard). Fast when i want it to be, but equally happy plodding around. I imagine the RR would be like an STI