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  1. Windscreens

    Update as promised Done by rac windscreens....with tinted strip and rain sensors, without problem and looks like a godd job, though haven't had chance to test rain sensors yet....was given warranty though so it can go back if they don't work. FYI, i'm with swiftcover and it only cost £65 excess, have to say service from RAC windscreens was excellent ... if only swiftcover had matched that service...they failed to respond to any of my queries... Thanks for your replies Sid
  2. Windscreens

    thanks diesel dream, i'll let you know who i have to go thru and how it goes
  3. timing belt and waterpump

    cheer simon, i'll ask for it doing next time....fingers crossed it doesn't go in the 3 years before mine is next due!!
  4. Windscreens

    Scraping my windscreen yesterday morning and noticed i had a chip on the winscreeen (hidden from inside by tax disc), it has propogated a six inch crack from it so can't simply get it glued now. Insurance will only do it if i use their approved glass replacemnt service (dunno who that is yet) but have a disclaimer that i may not get a "original" part. I am concerned that i don't want to lose the "functionality" of my windscreen (no, not the keeping me dry and letting me see thru' it!) but the rain sensor for modifying the intermittent wiper frequency. If i get it done myself at VW its gonna cost over £300 Has anyone had any experience of this problem? Is it likely that the non-VW windscreen would allow the rain sensing to work but just not be an "original" part?? Also when the garage talks about rain sensing do they mean the type i have got or do VW also do rain sensing that turn your wipers on as soon as the winscreen gets wet?? Oh by the way, its a 52 plate bora tdi 130 sport.... Sorry to be a nuisance but any advice greatly appreciated...
  5. timing belt and waterpump

    do VW normally do this as standard when they replace the cambelt?? If not the b*ggers never gave me the option!!
  6. cold diesel engine wobble

    cheers simon, i'll try the clutch dip next time i'm out and try to get round to talking to my local stealers.
  7. cold diesel engine wobble

    cheers simon, yeah the original post outlined that patch (i htink i have it printed out...somewhere!) i can't recall if it dissapears when i clutch down...i have learnt to put up with it! Did the stealers charge alot for the patch??
  8. cold diesel engine wobble

    PS. Before i got the bora i had a golf 110 for about three weeks (on and off) that used to go into limp mode (turbo cut-out, drives like a 1.1 until the ignition is cycled). The (crappy) dealership (not VW) had it back about three times and couldn't sort it...hence the bora. The problem only seemed to happen on a long journey until i realised it was when the car was working really hard (mainly long uphill trying to maintain high speed, >=80mph), posts at the time on here suggested varying things from knackered MAF, to holed turbo hoses, to screwed turbo. That was around March 2005 if you want to look over the thread.
  9. cold diesel engine wobble

    i drive a bora 130 tdi too and get a "wobble" when sat idling, it lasts until the engine is warm. Although i have no-where near the same experience as Mook, i doubt its the engine mounts if it is the same problem as mine because the "wobble" is slight (more like an intermitent, exagerated deep vibration, oooer! ) and it disappears completely when the engine is warm or i raise the revs very slightly while idling. Its as though the cold idle revs are just too very slightly too low. I seem to remember a post with a similar if not identical issue some months ago, in that thread Rustynuts posted something about an ECU patch (??) that could solve the problem. He posted a VW memo with it, i think!! Hope this helps (a bit!)
  10. polo advice

    PS. I'd probably be a bit more gutted if it were my money!! But then i'd have been prepared to bide my time abit more...impulsive women!
  11. polo advice

    Oh well some you win some lose!! Its mileage is low anyway and she'll not add alot to the total per year anyway.
  12. polo advice

    Thanks rusty you're a star, that saves me some searching time!!
  13. polo advice

    Thanks for the advice guys, she's put a deposit down on one now. 65BHP 1.2 52 plate with only 28K on clock and FSH. Paid a bit more than book price (and i bit more than i would have liked) at £4000 but a full years warranty on that and she wanted the piece of mind and had, had enough of lokking around (her money so her choice). I had a good drive of it though and seemed like a good solid car, alot nippier than i expected for a 1.2l too! Cheers Sid PS. Still gotta check if this model has a belt but i suspect not and they didn't have a clue (it was a trade-in fro ma vauxhall garage!) but they'll pay for it if it turns out it exists and needs doing.
  14. polo advice

    Many thanks for saving me an embarrassed face!!!
  15. polo advice

    thanks mouse, seen a Mk6 02 1.2E with only 40K at a VW dealers for £4000 (parkers say £3570) so might go see that and see if we can knock them down. Missus is after reliabilty for city driving and very occasional pootle down a motorway. She'll not top 5K miles per year but she wants as low a mileage as she can for her money so kit is less important. If we're going anywhere particularly far from homewe go in my Bora TDI 130 Sport!! Thanks again for advice will let people know outcomes.