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  1. Jetseal on a white car

    I've heard the Wolfgang DG Sealant is excellent. Someone on Detailing World is doing a side by side with Jetseal on the roof of his van. I will be following this with interest. Is the Wolfgang stuff as effective as the jetseal on other surfaces such as wheels, trim and even glass!?
  2. Jetseal on a white car

    Cheers doc. I'll give it a go. Just have to wait for the car to arrive now in 5 months!! I may try it on the missus' car in the meantime. Any idea of how many applications you can get from one bottle? Also keep us posted about durability.
  3. Water spots

    Hi all, Washed the car at the weekend. The NTX Tech wax seems to be still doing its job after 3 weeks now. We had a brief summer shower overnight and I now have water spots. They seem to come off easy enough but is it best to rinse and dry or QD with an MF? Cheers
  4. Jetseal on a white car

    Would CG EZ creme glaze and Jetseal 109 be a good choice for looks and protection on a brand new white car? White Golf GTI to be precise. If not what would be good alternatives? Also has anyone used the CG Fabric Protection? Cheers
  5. VW Assist with an import

    [ QUOTE ] Got my GTI from Simpledeal as well, going from the PDI stamp in the service manual they get their cars from these guys. . Going from their website a standard GTI can be had for £14.5k tax free, so the importers are making £3K a car. Easy money if you know what you are doing. [/ QUOTE ] I don't know what you paid, but have you remembered the VAT?
  6. How can you tell if its an ' Import ' ?

    [ QUOTE ] I live close to West Sussex Specialist Cars and went down to see them, All of the cars on the forecourt were damaged and looked very old! [/ QUOTE ] What kind of damage?
  7. How can you tell if its an ' Import ' ?

    [ QUOTE ] Parking sensors and Sunroof are well worth the £600 premium IMO. [/ QUOTE ] Ordinarily yes, but at the price of having a car thats actually over 12 months old and without knowing where its been all this time? I believe Motorprovider could add those 2 options at around £700.
  8. How can you tell if its an ' Import ' ?

    Its not from West Sussex Specialist Cars is it? They have ordered quite a few GTI V which were manufactured from near the end of 05 to the beginning of 06. They are very high spec but they have no idea of their origin. These could be the same as the Motorpoint cars although the spec is slightly better and most importantly, they have 2 year VW warranty. The cars are listed as £18,995 which is a very good price. Their OTR charges seem a bit excessive though at around £600. I called MotorProvider and got a quote of £19K OTR. Its a lower spec (I feel I don't need Parking Sensors, Sunroof 6CD etc) but it will be straight from the factory. Only downside is 18 week wait
  9. car at stealers again today

    I didn't think the DVD based Sat Nav was available yet.
  10. Buying from select at discount prices

    Can someone post a link to their (select) website so I can have a shufties? Can't seem to find it. Ta
  11. Cheers John, I tried to do it this lunchtime but it requires a hexagonal or star shaped driver bit. I've got these at home so I'll try again later and post to confirm.
  12. 01 VW Golf GT TDI PD Hi folks, I finally realised last night how some objects placed above the ashtray lid on the central console seem to disappear (very flat objects such as passport photo's and credit cards). There is a small gap just wide enough for things to slip through when you brake. Any idea of the easiest way to retrieve these objects? Thanks In Advance,
  13. Launch Control by-pass

    They have disabled launch control on 06 model GTI's????
  14. Thats not the law. Just British Standards. If you want to conform to British Standards you need it, but for it to be legal, you do not.