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  1. Kent/Essex Meet - October ???

    It was getting written down £3k per month so I bailed out smartish! Then my mileage went from 3k per year to 30k so it was time for a oil burning 320D (which I hated) so then chopped that for the 335i (which I adored), but got bored of filling up with V Power twice a day so got the 123D. Phew. Glad I got that off my chest!
  2. 996 & golf bags?

    Experience, yes! Backrests of rear seats fold flat, take out your long clubs and bag will fit nicely. Long clubs have to be on a bit of an angle but fit fine. Two bags may mean one bag on top of the other, but probably still do-able! I then kept my other luggage in the boot, a flight-sized wheelie case fits a treat. Cheers Ben
  3. Kent/Essex Meet - October ???

    Nothing ever changes round here, still bickering like school kids! G-man - same email address, be good to hear from you. Ben
  4. Kent/Essex Meet - October ???

    Count me in boys, be good to see you all!
  5. Forgive me Lord....

    A bit like mine really ;-)......but you have to pay for the priviledge of getting an optioned car! I must say that the new pro nav system is the business, Connected Drive/ BMW Online is actually worth using now. Cheers Ben
  6. Forgive me Lord....

    A very belated "hello lads" and hope you all are keeping very well!!! Not been on for a very long while for one reason or another, but thought this an ideal post to kick off the drought! Pete - I am now "lucky" enough to have a 123D Coupe and it is a pretty good car! For your £15k budget try and get a nice 120D M Sport facelift (Mar 07 onwards), nice 177BHP engine and splendid economy. I doubt you'll find a 123D at that price, but to be honest, you're not missing masses - not impressed with the economy and performance of my 123D yet, but hoping that it will get better as it's only done 3k miles so far. Shame you never got the 135i, the engine is phenomonal in the 335i, I miss it like hell! All the best chaps, and for gods sake someone text me when you're getting together next as my memory is shite. Ben
  7. Tuning up E90 320D

    £150 for the box plus about £40 if you need to get it coded for your car if it's not the 177BHP version. Cheers Ben
  8. Autoquake Used BMW 3 Series For Sale 24/7 / VN05XJE Plate - Petrol - Automatic Looks like optioned with: Black with Lemon Auto box Sports seats Heated Seats Xenons Pro Nav Front PDC 18" Ellipsoids Carbon Splitters All for £10k!!!! with FBMWSH!
  9. Last time I looked there were quite a few manual 325d's about - although they were not tourings! I was always told to avoid manual 6 cylinder BMW's unless cheap! The Sept 07 onwards cars (be careful though as there were plenty of cars that were old stock) should be the later Efficient Dynamics cars. The best way I find to tell from behind your desk is to check the CO2 rating by plugging in the reg number into the DVLA site - DVLA Vehicle Licensing Online | Home - select vehicle enquiry. Early 325i Autos give 222g and the later cars 173g Don't panic about the 325D's, all the approved used ones would appear to be ED - perhaps they didn't make the 325D touring before sept 07? I'd not discount the 330i/d as if you can get one for your budget you'd be crazy not to. The C02 and MPG is nearly identical to the 325i/d but you get bags more poke - the 325's just don't make sense to me! V50 is a different kettle of fish, anything based on a Focus should handle well but I'm not convinced it does. Just as an aside, my 335i (auto) non-ED got 39MPG on a recent trip round the M25, so don't discount one of these if one pops up! All the best Ben
  10. Tuning up E90 320D

    Which version do you have Tinca? I know someone that has a Spider tuning box for the 320D for sale. Cheers Ben
  11. 320d Gearbox

    Funny you should say that as that was the reason that I got when I moaned about the gearchange on the E46 we bought a few years back. It didn't get any better though!
  12. 330i e90 18 inch alloys where to buy

    That's correct - there are more M Sport wheels to choose from than any other for your car. Genuine ones start at around £500 on you know where going up to about £750 if they are in good cond with good tyres. If I was to be selling mine (which I'm not thinking of!) then with 3mm rears and 4mm fronts and a couple of kerb marks I'd expect to see about £600. The Ellipsoid wheels look good, I had a loaner with them on - it was an SE and I reckoned the 18's and SE suspension felt the best comprimise of all the E9x's I've driven. 19's will go, personally I like the Alpina ones off the D3, add a Alpina front spoiler and you'll have a great looking car (just remember not to put on Alpina badges and look like a tit!) Cheers Ben
  13. Cheers fella. Mind you after being in yours I don't think mine isn't standard any more as you have a such a rapid toy there! Still makes me chuckle about how much fun it is!
  14. Good job too! But when it is a good chunk cheaper it shouldn't be! Horses for courses and all that....shares the same depreciation curve though! Good thing about the 335 is that I'm not bothered about where I leave it, and it just looks like any another 3 series whilst having the poke to irritate a few fellow road users. Without the engine it would be far less interesting mind... I did 750 miles last week in it too and didn't watch them individually count up like I did on the M5/M3/RS etc, plus it's filthy and I don't care. Just use it and enjoy it - I couldn't do that in an M3 anywhere near as much, I used to get hire cars instead of drive the M5 on long journeys! Bit of a poof I know. All the best, Ben
  15. Thanks chaps. Will the Milltek fit the E90 as they don't list it, just E92, not E90/91? I'd not consider the BMW one if it did! I'll have a gander on Speedreligions site over a cuppa later then... Paul, so what did your M3 put out then? My reg too starts with a Y so could have had the BMW press tweak ;-) Although to be fair, I have searched the net and can't find a single article with my car in it so may not have had a hard start to it's life.... Cheers Ben