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  1. Car wont start properly

    I only seam to post on this forum when i have a problem...funny that Anyway..i have a problem: My Golf diesel is a bitch to start at the moment. Seams to turn 1 turn then stop and i can only hear clicks but if i release the key slowly it will turn a little more? Eventually starts or i push it or roll it down a hill and bump start it. i charged the battery last night all night but it still didnt start, i had to get the booster charger on it and then it took a few tries to start it I do alot of motorway driving, long journeys etc So is it the batery, starter or solnoid or what? how do i know?
  2. Earthing straps you think one of the existing one is broken maybe?
  3. Nah the guy who replaced the only bolt that was left said it was completely the wrong bolt!!! 2 bolts have snapped off in the engine, 1 droped out and the other one was wrong his guess is all of them were probably wrong. Anyway my tractor nearly didnt start again this morning. It turned over and the started seamed to stop. On second try it started but the clock reset to zero again. Im thinking some electrical issue here maybe, as well as a new battery needed
  4. Popped my Diesel Cherry

    Check out how easy it is to put petrol into a diesel here. Not that ive done it or gone to do it at all...twas the Mrs
  5. Well i replaced the starter motor around 6 months ago as it packed in. Also replaced the glow plugs at the same time. The timing belt is only a few 1000 miles old. Im guessing its the battery. Its been running for nearly a week now and it seams ok atm, but i will get it changed as soon as i get a chance. Clocks havent reset themselves since i charged it either???
  6. I have a 1.9 Non Turbo Golf Diesel Apparently the battery looks original, which would make it 11 years old!!! So I’m gonna get this changed I think. I am only doing a few miles a day at the moment and not my daily run from Port Talbot to Cardiff/Newport 7 days a week, so maybe my battery is not getting a long enough run to get charged up? I’ve thought of the wire pulling out of a loom somewhere and will have to have another rummage under the bonnet, but since charging the battery my clock hasn't reset itself, so maybe it is just the battery...dunno
  7. Well I didn’t get into work last week. But it’s not all cool as the reason was that my golf tractor died on me. I was due in work at 10am but I only got within 2/3 of a mile of it, according to the motorway sign I stopped in front of anyway. There was a bang from under the bonnet and the car started to slow down so I pulled it onto the hard shoulder. It would still turn over but not start and gave the impression I was out of Diesel but the gauge said I had a dribble or two left, but I left nothing to chance and slapped my hazards on, grabbed my can from the boot and started off up the hard shoulder in the cold. Now 2/3 of a mile doesn’t seam far until you have to walk it. But a nice man pulled over and gave me a lift to the petrol station so I only had to make the walk back, restored my faith that there are some nice people about. Anyway it wasn't the diesel surprise surprise. Time to call the RAC. But no....less then a £1 on my mobile, typical. Called the wife and she called the RAC for me. 30 minutes and they were there, very impressed as i was freezing. Seam'd like an engine mounting had gone and the other 2 are all that stopping my engine hitting the deck. Also maybe thrown some valves. So he obviously didn't fix my motor at the roadside, but he towed me the 33 miles back to my house, what a nice man. Anyway I couldn't do anything to it then as it was bloody Sunday, but got a holiday out of it. Dai (my mechanic) had a look at it; he didn’t really think there was anything wrong with the engine mountings as they almost never go. Anyway he came around late last week with what looked like half his garage in the back of his estate car... It transpired that the mounting bracket was being held onto the engine by 1 bolt only, and that was of the wrong type!!! He had new bolts but couldn’t get some of them in the holes? Basically as 2 of the bolts had sheered off and were stuck in my engine. "Engine needs to come out and bolts drilled out init" was the response I got He winched the engine up on a crane like thingy and inserted 2 bolts and everything seamed ok...then the thing wouldn’t start as the battery was as bloody flat as a witch’s tit Off the battery came and I put it on charge over night. I paid Dai (cheap as well he was) and promised I would call him next week to arrange to get the car into his workshop to get the bolts out. His number went into my mobile phone as he is a very handy (and cheap) guy to know. Put the battery on the next morning and it took a few cranks to get started but then ran like a dream...untill this morning Flat as a kipper again this morning or so it seamed. There maybe an electrical problem too as the digital clock reset itself to 00:00 also, and there was an electrical noise too. Battery is going to come off again tonight and get charged again, but im not sure it will last more than a few days. Should I get a new battery, or is there something else wrong? Help...
  8. Help, Diesel tank full of petrol

    Well for anyone who does this its an easy if longish process to sort out. But it will save you loads if you do it yourself. All it cost me was the price of a fuel filter from a motor factors, plus new diesle of course. Read the thread and print out the advice, use it and jobs a good un
  9. Help, Diesel tank full of petrol

    You do get used to it after a few gob fulls dont you...Ive got a terrible headache today though Only cost me £22 if you count the redex and the waggily syphon pipe thingy....unless you add the cost of the dumped petrol and the fresh tank of diesel that is.... But on the plus side the diesel will be used anyway so £22 + £25 = £47. Still alot cheaper than a stealer would charge
  10. Help, Diesel tank full of petrol

    OK i was too tired to come onto computer last night.... The short answer to "is the car ok", is.......drum roll....YES. I followed all the advice on here (especially Rustynuts) and ater several mouthfulls of unleaded and a few trips to a motor factors that were open my father and i managed to get the nasty tasting stuff out (my father borrowed a pump for a drill in the end off my uncle, Thanks dad and Mike) It started after a few seconds and ran like a pig for about 30 seconds then was purring like a kitten...well as well as a 95 diesel can purr anyway. I filled up with another £25 worth of the black stuff and all ok. Thanks alot everyone...My wife is now banned from even looking at my diesel flap let alone putting any fuel in my tractor from now on Thanks again you guys
  11. Help, Diesel tank full of petrol

    Well ive phoned around and VW want £16 + VAT for a fuel filter But my local Motor factors can do it for 12 (non genuine parts of course) Damb diesels are expensive
  12. Help, Diesel tank full of petrol

    Well it still might come to that Hopsta. I cant do the job till Sunday but after i have i will come back and let you all know how it went. Im quietly confident though....fingers crossed
  13. Help, Diesel tank full of petrol

    Thanks for the advice. Since my last post i got the Haynes manual out and worked out i could get the petrol out through the hole left by the sender unit. But thanks for the extra info about filling the fuel filter with fresh diesel and sucking the diesel up from the tank and geting the fuel outta the injectors as i wouldnt have done this. Ill get back to you after i have done the job on Sunday. Keep everything crossed for me
  14. Help, Diesel tank full of petrol

    So how best to drain the tank then?
  15. Help, Diesel tank full of petrol

    Its 62BHP if that helps