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  1. Sonos Play 1

    I have Sonos in more of less every room in the house including garage. Just tried the Spotify experiment with playing different Spotify tracks in different rooms and it works fine. Sonos works brilliantly with Amazon Cloud player too. With regard to the questions about overriding kids rooms, I do not think you can do that - it is all one Sonos system with different zones which can be controlled from any remote.
  2. ADSL problem has me foxed...

    He is talking abut problems with his ADSL connection speed not problems with his Wifi. Most ADSL modems routers (this includes Netgear and Drayek) have menus where you can go in and look at the ADSL line characteristics such as Signal to Noise ratio, downstream and upstream loss, resyncs etc etc. Have you tried looking at these as they can often indicate the cause of the problem.?
  3. CSL's

    I have had my CSL since new and it has now done 29K miles. I used to drive daily into London in it for the first 18 months of its life (car has upgraded sound system and sat nav) plus I replaced the seats for custom made Recaro comfort seats in exactly the same CSL fabric as the fixed back OEM ones which did not suit me (I still have the OEM ones in the loft). Those who say the cars are fragile clearly have little knowledge of them - mine and others that I know about have all been amazingly reliable for the technology used. There are some common issues but most are easily cured. The only major thing that went one mine in the 10 years I have had it is the rear diff due to a failed seal. Funnily enough, I appreciate the car more, now that I don't drive it all that often as it is more of a special occasion.
  4. The Elephant in the room...

    What like Apple maps or Apple antenna fiasco
  5. The Elephant in the room...

    Several of the magazines at the launch event were given hands on access to Iphone 5S and allowed to take photos with them. Even in the well lit room where the hands on was held the difference between photos taken between Iphone 5 and Iphone 5s was not huge.
  6. The Elephant in the room...

    Yes the camera does have slightly bigger pixels and yes a new dual stage flash but this is tinkering. If you look at the comparision between new and old flash photos taken with Iphone 5 (old flash) and new taken with Iphone 5s then there is not a lot of difference. Given that flash performance on the Iphone was already poor by industry standards then the "upgrade" is pretty meagre. Yes the bigger pixels argument is fine when you are comparing similar resolution cameras but most if not all of the competition have much higher resolution which sort of nullifies the bigger pixel argument.
  7. The Elephant in the room...

    The camera upgrades are mostly software and the resolution/flash capabilities are still below par. As for the faster chip, I don't have any speed problems with my Iphone 4S so faster does not really give me much. I was looking for a 128GB model so I could store all my music on it rather than having to travel with an Ipod classic, upgraded flash and better resolution camera (12Mb) like others.
  8. The Elephant in the room...

    Have been out of contract with Vodafone for some time and was waiting for the 5S. Disappointed with the lack of revolutionary features and/or upgraded features e.g better camera, more memory but the fingerprint sensor looks good. Hopefully will be able to ditch Vodafone at the same time as their 3G/4G network is completely useless in London. Problem being which network provider to switch to. My second Iphone which I use for streaming etc is on 3 which is very good for 3G/3.5G but their phone coverage can be patchy in places. 5C looks overpriced to me for what you get.
  9. 1. Flynn's old 306D would find a new home - TDK for being an internet bully. 2. Garcon and Tipex would be bought a nice Audi each probably an A4 1.9TDI as we know they love Audi's so much. 3. MrMe would get a Range Rover as he has probably secretly desired one for some time. 4. Mook would get patently's Caterham as clearly patently cannot drive it. 5. Patently would get a Volvo - he needs a car with good crash protection. 6. Mac and Andrew would both get a Toyota Prius. 7. Cruiser would get diesel Jeep Cherokee. 8. Woppum would get a Mr Blobby Nissan Micra
  10. Ditching the Run Flats

    No You do not have to carry a spare tyre and if you do not you do not have to carry tyreweld and a compressor.
  11. The new BMW i3, mmmm??

    Whilst I agree that genuine dust to dust comparison are a good idea,I would contend that this is not really a fair comparison. Specialised high performance car against mass produced vehicle. A better comparison would be Vauxhall Astra versus Toyota Prius. I would guess on this comparison the results would be closer.
  12. The new BMW i3, mmmm??

    pad pad pad
  13. The new BMW i3, mmmm??

    The lease figures are from BMW - I don't think any of the lease companies can quote at present. Your £12k is pure guesswork. For example if BMW do batteries on exchange then the figure could be much lower. I would have thought they would have an incentive to do this. The analogy you originally used when using the eco friendly line was a disposable camera which you throw in the bin with more or less zero recyclable parts. Now you seem to have changed this to the ecological damage caused by a Nickel mine. Different argument. Firstly the car uses Lithium ion batteries not NiCad or NiMh batteries like the Prius (you obvious read the big article about Canadian nickel mines in the Sunday Times Magazine a couple of years ago). I am not sure if the batteries are lithium cobalt oxide, lithum iron phosphate, lithium manganese oxide or lithium nickel manganese oxide.
  14. The new BMW i3, mmmm??

    ermm - BMW have published the lease figures for the all electric version - it is £369 per month over 3 years. as for your comment about eco-friendly. What is the problem? The whole car is designed to be recycled including the batteries.
  15. The new BMW i3, mmmm??

    Ermm no the batteries are replaceable I do not know the cost but it is likely to be measured in £1000s. The sensible option with the i3 is to lease it for three years. (and correction to my original post for the UK market BMW are guaranteeing the batteries for 100K MILES not KM or eight years)