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  1. Hi All, Apologies if this is on the wrong forum. I've been with Admiral for quite a few years now, and moved the missus car to their multicar policy last year. At that time it saved us some money. Due to the timing of our separate policies this September is the first time they're being renewed together on this one policy. The other half's car (56 plate Audi A4 Avant SE, 22k - we do 10k a year) was £314 for the 12 months to this September. My car (55 BMW M5, 40k - I do 9k a year) was £293 for the six months, March to September this year. Would anyone like to guess our new multicar, 12 month, quotation from Admiral (£350 excess on Audi, £450 on M5)?
  2. Sad Day - my Mark IV R32 is for sale...

    I'm impressed you boys got it from that dark, greyscale shot of the bonnet that just showed the wing mirror. Yep, I've gone for an E60 M5. She's an absolute beast...shame the weather isn't letting me test her a bit harder?! Plenty more photos of her here
  3. Sad Day - my Mark IV R32 is for sale...

    ...well, and these may confirm or deny your guesses, here's some more photos
  4. Sad Day - my Mark IV R32 is for sale...

    Well, that's a good question, and I always like to tease. See if you can guess from these photos
  5. I'm selling my soul...

    or, in other words, my R32... It seems a good time to buy a similar car so I'm biting the bullet and seeing what's out there. In the mean time feel free to weep with me as you read the ad in Marketplace. Quick summary though - 53 plate, 38,000 miles upgraded AV system and plenty of Tax, MOT and warranty.
  6. After four years of wonderful romance together, it's on the 'bay and looking for a new home. The headlines are 53 plate, 38,000 miles, and comes with Tax (12 months), warranty (11 months) and MOT (12 months). No mods other than an upgraded touchscreen, ipod-enabled AV system. More auction details here (end time 05-Jan-09 21:33:06 GMT) Photos of car and Kenwood kit on Flickr here
  7. Japanese GP Banter

    There was a fuel enquiry in the final race last year, with a very, very small chance that the outcome might give Hamilton the championship. At the time Hamilton said he wouldn't want to win the championship that way...surely Massa must be feeling those emotions now?
  8. Recall Confusion

    We took our 14.5k mile A4 B7 into have it's service this week and the service man told us that they were fixing a fuel pump problem on all 2 litre turbo engines (and V8s and another engine I think). It was part of an Audi recall and they would change the pump (I think) free of charge, and it would have the affect of adjusting the fuel to the engine. All well and good and nicely explained. When we picked the car up though we have a "Warranty Repair Confirmation" sheet and it details "Recall 66D4 Required - Carried Out Recall 66D4: Servicing Roof Trim Strip" I've done a Google search for 66D4 and found some chat on a TT forum about door seals. So what's all the stuff about the fuel pump? I've only just found this out and thought I'd share the story with experts in Tyresmoke before phoning the stealer. Can anyone shed any light?
  9. ...and I'm so chuffed, so I wanted to share my story! Got approached by Mercedes-Benz last year, when they said they were making a "coffee table" book of Mercedes-Benz photos published on Flickr. There was over 180,000 Benz photos on there at that time so said yes thinking nothing would come of it. This was the photo they were interested in: A few months later I get another email asking me to say why I took the photo and why I like the car. I made some right stuff up, and really sold my soul to the Daimler devil, but this week the book dropped through the door with the photo in it, together with my prose - how unbelievable! See photos of the book here. I'm made up! I've also created a Group of all the photos in the book on Flickr: Mercedes-Benz - Through the Eyes of the World Book Pool Anyone like what they've done?
  10. Isn't it typical you replace all four tyres, and two months later you get a puncture. Tried to repair it with the VW Tyre Repair Kit, but the gash was too big. Tyre is now replaced (I ended up getting E-tyres to come out having left my car in it's puncture location for a few days), so I'm now driving around without any repair kit or spare of any decsription. I'm guessing the dealer will want to charge me three figures for a new kit so I thought I'd looked around for something different. I've looked on the 'bay and have found a can of Holts Tyre Weld for £4.99. Should I be contemplating something like this, or should I take the plunge and buy a spare or one of those smaller wheels (aren't they called spacers?). Just wondered what other folks do?
  11. Two R50s coming out of Cambridge

    Saw two Touareg R50s coming out of Cambridge on Trumpington Road today, passing the Park and Ride at half 11 this morning - one in black the next in silver. Very nice...didn't know these were out yet, but research has shown me they so are.
  12. Should I replace just one tyre?

    Hello All, I had all four tyres changed 800 miles (seven weeks) ago, and I got a sodding great puncture in the offside front on Friday...typical. The wound was too large to be repaired by the VW TMS solution stuff. So, the R's still parked up at work whilst I arrange e-tyres to come along and fix it. My question is should I be replacing both fronts or can I get away with the just doing the single? I'm thinking about the effects of unevenly worn tyres on the haldex. Cheers, Jon
  13. All 4 tyres need replacing....

    I went for some PS2s a couple of weeks back, and had to get them done at Kwik Fit. At the time they were doing "Buy 4 Michelins, get 25% off". Not sure if they're still doing it, but here's what I paid (it was a Sunday and I was desperate)...
  14. Vehicle Mileage Check Limited Letter

    Cheers for all the replies one and all. I reckon we'll leave it as we can't remember the mileage at time of sale, and it worries us that it's another database for our personal information to sit on.
  15. Hi All, We part exchanged the other half's Golf in mid-April and have just received a letter from Vehicle Mileage Check Limited (VMC). Headed 'Trade Decriptions Act 1968' it invites us to provide more about the sale and mileage at sale to "assist in the protection of consumers and to enable our Motor Dealer member to comply with the above legisaltion,...". They go on to say "we have been requested to carry out a routine mileage investigation on the above vehicle". It wants to know where we purchased the vehicle from and who we sold it to and what the mileage was. It's just flagged up some alarm bells in my mind and I'm wandering why we have to do this, if indeed we HAVE to. Surely this information is available from the logbook and V5? Anyone else been asked to do this and is it legitimate? Cheers, Jon