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  1. Early mid-life crisis

    that's £2K inc insurance. My Chimaera is going in for service in a couple of weeks - will be around £550 for a 6k one, plus any bits that need doing - older cars need more bits, plus the engine is somewhat modified from being 'stock' rover V8. Mine has solid cam followers, tappets have to be adjusted at an extra 2-3 hours; I've grounded it, which has put small hole in exhaust to be mended.. The 'advisories' for other cars, which may last another year before seeing to? get them done now to maintain reliability. you won't spend £2k every year, but some bills can make it more, so it's as well to budget. It's worth it, every penny is worth it.
  2. The 50 mpg club

    and the latest 3 are 55, 59 and 65 (motorway trip) yes, I do work it out each time....
  3. The 50 mpg club

    Still in the club for me. latest fill up in Furby calculates out at 57mpg.
  4. Early mid-life crisis

    Hi, lots more info on all TVRs on Pistonheads, but... Your purchase price workings are about right, £1.5k to £2K service etc per year is about right for a Chimaera/Griffith. Cerbera running costs are reckoned to be about double this as the higher performance parts are somewhat more specialised and expensive. Any cars with the straight six will be similar, and seems to take into account the possibility of an engine re-build, particularly for earlier ones.
  5. The 50 mpg club

    My Furby seems to be improving. Last 2 tanks have been 53 and 54mpg respectively .
  6. Completely and utterly a newbie.

    lol, I'd also check out the inevitable Pistonheads for lots more knowledgeable advice, as well the TVRCC. Hope you made it to Chatsworth yesterday?
  7. The 50 mpg club

    Yay! First brim to brim fill up in the Furby and I've had 50.7mpg from mainly town driving.
  8. Completely and utterly a newbie.

    First off; If you want a V8 TVR you're looking at Cerberas, Chimaeras and Griffiths for your kind of budget; all the more recent cars have the straight six engines. This is good news for you as the V8s (both the AJP and the Rover) have a better reliability reputation than the 'six'. It's also good as for £20k you will have plenty of choice of all 3 models. Buy on condition, as ever, with full service history. I'm no expert, but consensus is to budget £1.5-£2k p.a. for insurance, servicing, repairs on typical mileage for the Chimaera/Griffith (same mechanicals) and approx twice that for a Cerbera (quicker, and more specialist parts) Ones over 10rs old can get classic insurance. All TVRs have plenty of kerb appeal
  9. New to the Diesel Club

    [ QUOTE ] Looks very nice. Dont line up next to any S4's at the lights.... [/ QUOTE ] and don't try to race TVRs away from roundabouts, like some muppet tried today...
  10. The 50 mpg club

    New hopeful member here. Company Mondeo going back at end of week and in the meantime I've bought myself a Skoda Fabia 1.9TDI Comfort.
  11. If you had to drive a "sensible" car...

    For a truly sensible car, I'd have a used Skoda Fabia TDi. Erm hang on, just bought one
  12. Focus 1.6 TDCI, 1.8TDCI or 2.0 TDCI ????

    I was under the impression that the 2.0 and the 1.8 are of a similar age. if you need/want the extra power, then you may as well go for the 2.0 as it also has the 6 spd box; if not, then go for the more modern unit in the 1.6. the 2.0 isn't a bad engine in itself; I have one in my co. mondeo while my mum has the 1.6 unit in her Focus and it's doing fine so far.
  13. What's your most hilarious courtesy car?

    a 10yr old Micra 1.0, a 205 1.1 petrol that broke down twice, a green diahatsu (sp) Sirion (instantly called the green turtle),
  14. No More Cruises

    it would be interesting to see the actual wording of this new reg. Funerals could be affected, weddings, birthday parties, any large social event really, police doughnut runs, in addition to virtually any meet up that involves people turning up in cars at any location.
  15. TVR Staff In Trouble

    Eh? Without Peter Wheeler the company would have disappeared long ago. Granted he wasn't perfect (who is?) and make mistakes (my personal opinion is the Sp6 engine), but I don't think he did badly. As Xfyffes said, the cars are rather easier to distinguish than the current line up from porsche and are also rather better looking too. They are also something of a performance bargain compared to any 'equivalent' porsche.
  16. TVR closing down

    I have to agree, alas, even as an owner of a Chimaera. If they'd put the Chevy small block engine in, they'd have had the time/money to spend on getting the other stuff better, quicker.
  17. Which engine

    Hi, General costs for Chimaeras/Griffiths is to budget £1500-£2000 pa for insurance, servicing, running repairs etc, dependent on annual mileage, and about double that for a Cerbera as lots of parts are far more specialised (and therefore expensive).
  18. TVR Cerbera Speed 12 Pics & Spec

    Speed 12 still has the better power to weight ratio by some margin.
  19. Supersprint Exhaust

    I had a Supersprint exhaust fitted by Demon Tweeks on my last Prelude and it was fine; no problems at all.
  20. AJP8 Engine

    Try TVR Power? or any body repair shop that specialises in fibreglass repairs (as the insurers may be willing to sell the engine from a write off)
  21. Considering TVR purchase

    Go and drive one! You'll never look back.
  22. Cars capable of monster mileage

    I've previously sold a (petrol) BMW 530 still running sweet and smooth at 163K and a mate recently had a sweet running Saab 9000 with over 320K.
  23. Your Car Engine Size - Poll

    Back on topic.. 5.0 V8 2.0 (turbodiesel)
  24. Convertible Owners - Your Best & Worst Experiences

    I have to say, touch wood, I haven't had any bad experiences in the Chimaera (yet). Good experiences? kids young and old tend to make favourable comments, virtually every other TVR driver gives a wave or nod and I usually get let out of junctions etc.
  25. Up to £45K for a weekend car, the answer...

    it's a beautiful car! There was one at the TVR Chatsworth meet the other week. I use my Chimaera as a week end car and the call outs have only been for minor items. is it worth it? Absolutely!!