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  1. MK Meet - Wed 5 May

    Don't think I can make tomorrow, shame as I used to enjoy the south west meets when i lived down there. I do miss seeing RedRobin and John C and lottiefox if they even still use this forum.. I'm a bit shy though, but will try to make one of the meets with you guys this summer. Would be great to meet the TSN crowd here.
  2. BMW in-cabin heating - Retarded?

    I recently bought a bmw myself and was a bit puzzled by the hot or cold roller on the centre vents, as you've said, it just seems daft if you're going to have digital climate control why allow the vents to be manually adjusted. I do find that it works quite well if you don't want warm air in your face, or cold air in your face, also works great when the roof is down if you set it to hot, you don't have to whack the climate control up and roast your feet. I still think it's an odd setup, but it seems to work
  3. Car Thief - North London!

    I would love to catch the little ****, preferably with a spade around the back of his head!!
  4. double sided sticky pads..

    heat it up first with a hair dryer? also, to remove the remains of it, rub an orange peel on it (yes it DOES work and is NOT an april fools!!)
  5. Tax sting for low emission cars

    I think that company car tax is not a vote loser as it doesn't affect enough people to really make a difference. I also think that road tax isn't a big vote loser either, as the masses just want to see rich people in posh cars taxed to the hilt, regardless of the environmental implications. Petrol prices are a tetchy issue which tend to attract a lot of press - although aren't we getting another 3p rise tomorrow, or was it postponed?
  6. A4 Avant Vibration at speed

    Sure you didn't buckle one of the new wheels ever so slightly on a pothole?
  7. What's the best movie car chase ever?

    This thread inspired me to watch the original Gone in 60 Seconds last night, from the 70s. It was fantastic, I have probably seen better car chases but the stunts were very cool and those muscle cars sound great. The final chase lasted at least 20 - 25 minutes.
  8. Tax sting for low emission cars

    What I don't understand is how they tax you on co2 g/km when it has absolutely nothing to do with how much pollution you actually produce. i.e if you car is putting out 300 g/km and you do 5k miles a year, where as a diesel driver is doing 120 g/km and doing 30k miles a year - why should you be penalised driving a 300 g/km car when you are polluting less. As for the BIK on company cars, it is a ridiculous system
  9. Parking Question

    As long as you don't block the path at all you should be OK Remember the poor blind people!
  10. What's the best movie car chase ever?

    The whole of Vanishing Point is pretty good.... I do like the Ronin chase too though.
  11. clutch judder

    It's normal, usually worse when it's cold, has happened on my 05 2.0tdi since it was new. As long as it's not happening everytime you pull away I wouldn't worry about it.
  12. AVS service

    Keith Garages in Aylesbury (yes it is an audi dealer) quoted me £206 for oil + pollen as mine also needs doing. I have to say I can't fault that dealer, they always seem to be competitive and have impeccable customer service.
  13. 6 month Car Rental / Lease

    Hi We have used Flexxilease in the past and they have been quite good, they do 3, 6, 12, 24 month leases. Car Leasing & Contract Hire specialists UK - FLEXXi Lease You'll pay a premium for a 6 month lease but it is nice being able to get rid of a car easily if you are not sure how long you'll need it, etc. Hope this helps
  14. Cost of replacing Brakes?

    Hello chaps, hopefully one day I'll be able to post about getting a new car but the vintage B7 is still going OK (nothing more than OK though). The brakes (both front and rear) are in dire need of replacing, I only usually replace discs and pads not just pads. With that in mind, I'd really appreciate if you folks would be able to give me some indiciation of what this costs at a main audi dealer and at somewhere like Kwik Fitt? Places to avoid would also be most welcome. Thanks guys! Ben
  15. 2.0TDI Power Loss

    It sounds like a faulty MAF sensor to me. I'd have it looked at...