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  1. Is this a joke text from Audi ?

    Used car market is doing really well at the moment but no-one is making any money (just shifting the units). It's because everybody sees them as a bargain with the low values (but has also meant people are buying used rather than new, contributing to poor sales of new).
  2. V10 R8 unveiled - £122K!!!!

    WCF did indeed get the price wrong - its just below £100k as shown in the official Audi press release: New Audi R8 V10 ready for the road (and track) Acclaimed aluminium-bodied, mid-engined Audi sports car now available with both ten and eight cylinder power Second R8 model powered by 5.2-litre V10 FSI petrol engine scheduled to open for UK order in January 2009 for first deliveries next spring Available with manual gearbox at £99,575 OTR, or with R tronic sequential shift transmission at £104,665 OTR (R8 4.2 V8 £77,405 OTR and £82,495 OTR) 5,204cc V10 produces 525PS at 8,000rpm and 530Nm at 6,500rpm (R8 4.2 V8 420PS at 7,800rpm, 430Nm at 4,500rpm) 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds, top speed 196mph, combined mpg 20.6 (R8 4.2 V8 R tronic 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds, top speed 187mph, combined mpg 20.7) Combines classic mid-engine configuration with advanced all-aluminium Audi Space Frame (ASF) construction and quattro permanent four-wheel-drive World's first all-LED headlamps as standard, plus Audi magnetic ride adaptive damping and Bang & Olufsen audio system Audi is sending shockwaves through the sports car establishment yet again with the new R8 V10, a ten-cylinder, 525PS, 196mph evolution of the quattro four-wheel-driven sports car that UK enthusiasts have taken to their hearts. The project that has been the subject of intense speculation since the 2006 launch of the V8-powered R8 is set to come to fruition in January when the new super car opens for UK order priced at £99,575 OTR in manual form, or £104,665 OTR equipped with the R tronic sequential shift transmission. First deliveries are expected next spring. The new 5.2-litre FSI V10 petrol engine mounted longitudinally directly behind the cockpit is almost identical in construction to the unit powering the recently announced R8 LMS that will race at customer level in the GT3 class. It contributes only 31kg more to the overall weight of the all-aluminium-bodied R8 than the existing V8, taking it to 1,620kg, and making possible an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 324PS per ton. Punching out its 525PS maximum at 8,000rpm, and peak torque of 530Nm at 6,500rpm, this exceptional and highly efficient direct injection unit rockets the R8 through the 62mph barrier in just 3.9 seconds as it revs freely to its 8,700rpm limit in each of its six ratios. When linked to the R tronic transmission it can reach 124mph in only 12 seconds, and in the right conditions can maintain its breathtaking momentum all the way to 196mph - an unprecedented high for a road-going Audi. By mounting the ten-cylinder unit as close as possible to the centre of the R8, Audi engineers have achieved near perfect 44 per cent front / 56 per cent rear weight distribution for optimum handling balance. Dry sump engine lubrication - an element specifically derived from racing - also furthers this aim by enabling the V10 to be mounted as close to the road as possible to lower the centre of gravity. Advanced Audi magnetic ride This classic configuration, combined with advanced Audi Space Frame (ASF) construction mating lightweight aluminium panelling to an aluminium space frame, provides the very best operating conditions for the futuristic chassis with its agile double wishbone set-up and standard Audi magnetic ride adaptive damping system. The Audi magnetic ride dampers swap conventional fluid for a magnetorheological solution containing minute magnetic particles that can be influenced by an electromagnetic field. By applying a voltage to the system's electromagnets, the viscosity of the fluid is altered by the affected magnetic particles, increasing resistance to damper movement to iron out pitch and roll when necessary, and reducing resistance when ride comfort takes precedence. The system constantly monitors road conditions and driving style and reacts accordingly. The striking 19-inch '10-spoke Y design' alloy wheels naturally contend with the V10's formidable output with the help of the legendary quattro permanent four-wheel-drive system, which apportions power to front and rear axles in constantly varying degrees dictated by road conditions. Ventilated and perforated 380 millimetre front and 356 millimetre rear disc brakes, which at extra cost can be upgraded to virtually fade-free ceramic discs, also help to instil complete confidence. As a whole, the configuration, which also includes a super precise gear shift and fast-reacting, communicative steering, has already been lavished with exceptional praise by critics the world over in the V8-powered R8. World's first all-LED headlights As a further safety enhancement feature that also adds a new dimension to the already much lauded styling of the R8, the V10 is equipped as standard with the world's first all-LED headlamps. For the first time the high intensity diodes have been used for low beam and high beam settings, as well as for daytime running lights and indicators, intensifying the sports car's visual drama. The list of subtle embellishments to the taut, emotive body of the R8 V10 also includes a high gloss finish for the grille and front air intakes, more pronounced side sills, wider side cooling vents within the contrasting 'sideblade', high gloss rear air outlets, oval exhaust tailpipes and a new rear diffuser. The everyday usability of the R8 has been as widely commended as its capacity to enthral drivers, and the V10 version will of course be no different. The much praised quality of the interior fixtures and the deceptive amount of space afforded by the generous 2.65-metre wheel base makes this one of the most easygoing super cars ever built, and the V10 with its extra equipment emphasizes this further. In the most powerful R8 to date electric adjustment and heating is added for the Fine Nappa leather-upholstered sports seats, and DVD satellite navigation and a CD changer playable through a 465-watt Bang & Olufsen audio system simplify and enhance day-to-day driving. An interior light package including LED footwell lighting, light and rain sensors and LED engine compartment lighting also comes as standard.
  3. New private car sales down 45% in November

    As Alera says YOY is the correct way, not MOM. If you did the latter then the industry would show big falls every April and October following the plate change the month before (40% of annual sales are in March and September). Plus there are often lower sales in February and August over the months before as people wait for the new plate so YOY is the only way to accurately record what's going on!
  4. New World Order...

    I think from a purely spectator position it would be interesting to see what happened but in reality I think you're right that the job losses would be too great (I wouldn't wish that on anyone!). It's said that a GM collapse would cost 2.5 MILLION jobs worldwide!! Imagine the bigger impact on the economy if it happened - that probably would push the world into a definite depression.
  5. New World Order...

    I read that thread and that's what made me ask the question. It got me thinking. VW is currently the biggest car brand behind Ford and Vauxhall so would they stand to gain significantly? Or is the Asian manufacturers who will come in a take over as you suggest?
  6. New World Order...

    Imagine if GM, Ford and Chrysler did actually collapse, taking with them their subsidiaries like Vauxhall etc. That would have a massive impact on the global car industry! So who stands to benefit? Who fills the gap? Who gets all the extra sales? Interested to hear your views so the floor is yours....
  7. What the F is a B

    Dustoir is correct. The old Audi 80 was B1 through to B4 before (no pun intended) the A4 name arrived. Your A4 is a B7!
  8. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Surprised no-ones commented on the similarities with this:
  9. NCAP Rating

    It's not been assessed yet so no idea but would reckon on 5 stars.
  10. Toureg R50 V10 tdi !!!!!

    Yep thats standard kit!
  11. R8 Fuel Economy

    Cheers guys, thanks for your help!
  12. R8 Fuel Economy

    Hi, I was wondering what mpg R8's get in the real world? Anyone here know?
  13. The Volkswagen Group is now the world's third-largest car-maker, having overtaken Ford. Figures for sales for the first sixth months of 2008 have just been released: Toyota is in the top spot, having sold 4.82 million cars in this period, with long-time leader General Motors trailing behind with 4.54 million. Volkswagen - including the Audi, Seat and Skoda brands - sold 3.31 million, a 7.2% increase, while Ford sales fell by 11% to 3.09 million. Ford's sales total has been reduced by the sell-off of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands, as well as the decline in demand for its big trucks and SUVs in North America. GM has also suffered from the changes to the market, but has retained its lead in the United States despite an 18.2% fall in American sales. Volkswagen now world's number three - Latest Car News from 4Car
  14. The GTI Dream....

    Cool, really like that. Obviously an ad of some sort but anyone know from where?
  15. Last Orders for R32

    I'm with you RR on this one. Taking dust to dust as the measurement period, you will find a typical Jeep is far better for the environment than the evil Prius. The latter is terrible given the resources used to build the battery for the car and the fact that the cars are predicted to last 10 years (due to high cost of replacement batteries) versus an average of 13 years for normal cars!