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  1. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Cheers JC & RR - looks like the Ass's will be next then! The OEM Potenzas have been pretty good: 17.5k on the first set of fronts and the rears are still there after 26k. But the replacement Potenzas on the front are now matching the rears on about 3.5mm - after only 8.5k. They're wearing evenly and I certainly haven't changed my driving style. I did run the first set very nearly down to the 1.6mm limit - even so I can't see myself matching 17.5k this time around! Quite why is beyond me...
  2. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    So, what's the update? The reviews seem to be very positive with one big exception: they seem to wear out in no time! Goodyear Assymetric wear rate - BRISKODA - The Skoda Forums How r they lasting???
  3. Brakes

    At 24.5k the GTI's brakes feel absolutely fine - but budgeting ahead I need to know roughly how much longer they're good for... How long before people have replaced their front / rear pads / discs? Ta
  4. I know, I know, which remap etc....

    You're not alone - precisely the same car and age with exactly the same thoughts... !
  5. What do i need to look out for ?

    Check out this thread too...
  6. Creaking Front Suspension...!!!

    Just had mine done under warranty too! "Heard the noise and found the noise coming from the wishbone bushes cotton reel, replaced for new and retested all o.k."
  7. S3 to get STronic

    Contacted Audi customer services re: this update - estimated arrival of the new 7 speed box is late November... !
  8. Official S3 sportback pic

    Take a look at the German site - and brochure. Unfortunately no S-Tronic is available. Sportback is 900 euros extra - say £700 - and Magnetic Ride is 1050 euros (about £800)...
  9. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Okay - this video link to the latest Autocar tyre test may help matters. Seems the new Goodyears really are the best choice. My Bridgestones will be replaced in the next few days after nearly 17.5k - not bad really - though they have most definitely "gone off" over the last 2k or so. The rears have got loads left. Perhaps I should have swapped them over half way because I feel I should stick with the Bridgestones all round. Next time the Goodyears will get a go! web page
  10. Odd happernings!

    Did you look at the days to service too? I feel sure you're aware... but when you check the service status your shown a) the miles till service and then b) the number of days until service. Assuming your on the flexible service programme either can fall quickly or slowly depending on your driving style. It is quite possible to have several thousand miles outstanding but for the number of days to fall to nil.
  11. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    [ QUOTE ] Here are a few pics of the rim protection on the f1's. Much more than the contis and has saved me a few times. Dont know how they compare to the bridgestones Ryan W - good pic thanks - F1s are on my list...
  12. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Wheel Size 18 Tyre model Bridgestone Potenza Miles Driven 11.5k Season All Would you buy again? Yes Pretty pleased with the Bridgestones so far - and I still have 4mm on the fronts and 7mm on the rear. One feature I DO like a lot is the ample protection provided around the tyre lip. It's difficult to see from the posted attachments whether the F1s have a similar level of protection. Any comments? Comments
  13. Rock and a hard place

    [ QUOTE ] Have you thought about a 335d mate [/ QUOTE ] True, the 335d is pretty much as quick in the realworld - and cheaper to run - but I suspect the problem comes with the discount offered. With all the media hype about increased taxation I'm told BMW can't give away their big petrol engined models. I'm sure it can't be quite that bad - though 5k seems to suggest it might be!
  14. Gti 2006 axx engine v's 2007 bwa engine

    I'm far from a mechanical expert but the Telegraph's Honest John always bangs on about balance when running in. Go too gently and you end up with an engine that's not bedded in properly - apparently leading in some circumstances to excessive oil consumption later on. On that basis I've always taken it fairly gently for the first 1000 miles - but without being too kind, if that makes sense!
  15. Abt's re-map of Mk5 GTI....

    Red, any idea what this bit on the Weltmeister site means, i.e. from what date were the new valves used? "Golf V 2.0T FSI 200 HP 230 HP, 310 Nm - optimised engine management (ECU) £549.00 (includes TAX) note:some earlier 2.0T FSI models require change of earlier type pressure limiting valve, valve must be of type 06D 130 757 C, price of additional valve and fitting time where applicable not included."