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  1. Want to buy a Tuscan, but need advice

    I contacted a TVR dealer and they told me it is every 6k miles and the service will cost between £500-£600 depending on what is reqd. I found elsewhere in this forum that the costs are actually £700 for a minor service, and £1000 for a major service! If these are the prices, then I can;t see how anyone can justify owning a Tuscan (as gorgeous a car as it is!). I can;t help but wonder if it's dependant on area as well. I live in the midlands, and from what I can gather, most people who own Tuscan's live in the south? please correct me if I'm wrong!
  2. Want to buy a Tuscan, but need advice

    Hi all. I'm looking at buying a 2nd hand Tuscan for about 25K, but just want some advice/experiences. I've read about Engine rebuilds being required with a service about every 15k-20k miles. Can anyone confirm this, and shed some light as to why ?? Also, how reliable are they? I would be using this as my main car, and would probably do about 10k miles a year (which would mean 2 services a year ... but I can cope with that). Lastly, how much are the services? I;ve asked my local TVR dealer, but they're not very forthcoming! TIA T