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  1. Wheel choice for new white s3

    xedos they are # Continental Sport Contact 3 # 255 / 35 ZR 19 96 Y i attatched the black BBS ones because the link does not seem to be working.
  2. Wheel choice for new white s3

    Wheel Choices for White S3 Have a White s3 on order and i really dont like the standard s3 wheels. i have 3 options for what i am going to replace them with 19" rs4 standard alloys 19" rs4 titanium colour (like gun metal) alloys like the ones in the pic 19" black audi bbs - like these http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?V...p;rd=1&rd=1 so which option do you guys think would look best? i have specced the optik pack, privacy glass and recaros too.
  3. Ordered new s3 yesterday. Some questions re Spec

    sorry i meant what part of the seat is coloured silver. oops
  4. ordered a White s3 from my local Audi dealer yesterday. Delivered mid may. I ordered a white one! was torn between white and sprint blue and decided on white. I have provisionally ordered the optik pack - still not sure if the white car looks better without it though? what do you guys think - white with or without optik pack? think it might look good with the opyik pack and black rear view mirrors? I also ordered recaros but it was just looking at the configurator and noticed that there are 2 recaro options - black-black-black and black-black-silver what is the differnce? what is silver? the dealer also offered me blacked out rear windows and boot window for £330 - sounds steep right? i turned it down for the moment. my spec is. White Recaros Optik pack Flat bottom steering wheel Cruise Arm Rest bose rain/light sensors. boot liner and dealer right guard inside and out treatment. cant wait till may!
  5. Well i am just about to order a new s3 and have some questions. I think i am goign to go for a white one. Has anyone seen the optic pack on a white s3? would you recomend it? the rest of the spec is as follows. recaros bose arm rest flat bottom wheel cruise any other options which i should add? i am trying to keep it under 30k!
  6. Personal Import Questions S3

    so what is the waiting time Saxon?
  7. Personal Import Questions S3

    should i try and get a UK spec car from them or just get a right hand drive german model?
  8. Personal Import Questions S3

    The car had the leather recaros. Any other differences between UK and German Spec? my spec was pretty much like this, prices in euros. S3 36.050,00 Sprintblue 615,00 Black OptikPack 360,00 Armrest 125,00 flat bottom wheel 105,00 recaros 3.385,00 cruise control 255,00 BOSE Soundsystem 605,00 Gesamtpreis : 41.550,00 Preisstand vom 01.01.2007, inkl. 19% MwSt. looks like i would save between £3,500 and £4,000 which makes it worth doing i guess
  9. Personal Import Questions S3

    well the spec i want costs 41.550,00 Euros from Germany including MwSt at 19% so 33655 minus the Mwst at 1.5 exchange rate that is £22437 (think the rate is about 1.494) plus the VAT on entering the UK £26,363 I specced the same car on the UK configurator and it was £30,500 so there is a saving of £4,000 to be made! is there no way not to pay VAT - thought the EU was supposed to stop that!
  10. Personal Import Questions S3

    Hi guys, i dont post here much buts its a great forum. I read it alot! after a few test drives in the S3 i have decided to go for one. I currently have a MKV Gti anyway since i used to live i germany i have decided to try and import one myself and have just a few questions. 1) do i pay MwSt (the german equivilent of VAT which is currently 19%) if i do pay it can i claim it back? 2) can i extend my warranty to 3 years? 3) Do i have to pay VAT on taking the vehicle back into the UK? any other charges? 4) Any general tips from people who have done this before? thanks James
  11. Care and cleaning of new GTI

    Hi i would appreciate some help! i am picking up my new gti on monday - red, 18s 3 door etc. however this is the first really nice car i have had, the previous ones got washed and dried occasionaly and that was enough. however i want my new gti to be in pristine shiny condition! heard alot about waxes and polishes but am a little confused as to how to use them and when. should i apply a wax/polish straight after i get the car and do i have to remove anything before i do this. can anyone recomend any products to use for waxing/polishing and subsequent washing. i have ordered some wheelwax http://www.wheelwax.net/ for the 18s so hopefully that is them taken care of. any help is most appreciated!!
  12. Care and cleaning of new GTI

    clean-ML-444135-ML- Better off in the Cleaning forum
  13. dont think i can but thought i would just check not unhappy at all with my choice of red but saw a white one today on 18s (first one on 18s i have seen) and was just completely blown away with it - the white looked ace! anyone know if i can change my one? thanks
  14. Insurance - comedy!

    i am 22 with gti on order i found the best insurance quote came from tesco! also tried confused.com it also really helps if you up the excess incidently it is about 790 for me from tesco with an excess of £250 - i have 3 years no claims - was pretty happy with that quote
  15. Considering Golf GTi

    White on 18s just found out that my build date is week 22 red, 18s, highline, armrest