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  1. VW iPod Prep

    I've been thinking about a Dension Icelink Plus, which Carphone Warehouse will supply and fit for £150. I'd rather have the iPod close to hand, so I can change albums and so forth. What's the difference between the VW iPod adapter and the Dension?
  2. [ QUOTE ] I've had the iPod adapter fitted to my new GTI and I must say it sounds good. The only problem is that the volume is quite low compared to the RCD500's front CD changer. [/ QUOTE ] Might sound strange, but any chance of some photos of the unit in situ? I've been thinking about sending an Ice Link through my RCD500 too, so any comments you have about the sound quality would also be helpful. And finally, how do you get the thing to work? Does it override the CD when you plug your iPod in, or do you need to press the CD button twice, or something similar?
  3. [ QUOTE ] Also wouldn't it add weight ? [/ QUOTE ] Don't worry; you can counteract the gained weight by removing the bottle opener from the cup-holder. Alternatively, remove a 10p coin from your pocket and place it on the drive before driving off.
  4. Is anyone tempted by the price of Phatnoise in the US? I can't quite figure out if it's specifically compatible with the mk5 Golf, or whether it includes everything you'd need, but this link (posted elsewhere on Tyresmoke) has Phatnoise for about a hundred quid: Phatnoise Any thoughts?
  5. My 18' Wheel Dilema!

    As I said, I've got a confirmed build date now. So it's no longer a decision I can make. It's still going to be a considerable improvement over my current car, so I'm sure I'll get over it.
  6. My 18' Wheel Dilema!

    I've got the 17s on my order, but I've been considering changing to the 18s. Just spoke to the dealer, who said the 18s would probably set the build date back considerably. He was going to check it by trying to enter the change on his computer, but it turned out that they've now allocated an actual build date for the car, and therefore I can't change it. So I'm a bit disappointed, but also excited that the car is pretty much on its way now. If the 17s make it look too ordinary, I can always sell a kidney and buy some 18s from the accessories department. Until that happens, I'm going to keep reminding myself that I've saved enough money to make regular Optimax fill-ups more bearable. Also, I'm less likely to be found curled up on the pavement, shouting and crying as I pick bits of kerb off my chipped 18" alloys. Still want them, though... I can live without the Highline computer, but the wheels would've been nice. Nuts.
  7. MK5 GTi - Wheel help please

    It's probably too late for this to matter (car's due to be built in a couple of weeks' time), but can anyone tell me the exact measurements of the tyres needed for the 17" and the 18" wheels? I went for 17s, assuming the tyres would be quite a bit cheaper, but I'm a bit concerned that, come trade-in time, I'll have the only 17" wheeled GTI in England... So, anyone got the measurements, so I can check them out on etyres or somewhere?
  8. Anyone seen silver GTi

    Just to clarify, that silver one isn't mine. I'm patiently waiting for my black 3 door to be built, while constantly wondering whether I should add things to the spec.
  9. Anyone seen silver GTi

    [ QUOTE ] Has anyone seen one in silver and if so what do they look like as I have not seen one in the flesh yet. [/ QUOTE ] It's got the 17" alloys, but here's one: Silver GTI
  10. I may well be wrong, but I get the impression each dealer has a number of build slots per month. Various brokers were referring people to Reg Vardy, so their initial allocation of build slots must have filled up extremely quickly. drivethedeal.com told me, some time in February, that they could still guarantee the price, but delivery would be some time around September. Got a similar story from another broker. In the end, I got another dealer to match the Vardy price, and they gave me a build date of early April.
  11. Sometimes VW can be utter rubbish

    [ QUOTE ] So do you always believe the car mags about everything they say..?? [/ QUOTE ] Can you explain why car mags would lie about performance figures that they've extracted by using pretty expensive, precise and well tested hardware and software? "When you suggest that I am merely offering a biased "opionion" to "justify" my own selection you are talking rubbish I'm afraid" OK, but you're not providing anything to back this up. Agreeing with a salesman that a car is slower isn't "objective" in any way. It's two people agreeing that they share an opinion. This is subjectivity, not objectivity. Objectivity is strapping the same machinery to two cars and running the same controlled tests on them. "It was not significant but it was measurable-although I am not able to print any figures to illustrate our findings...but then no car magazine has done that either." But they have, you see? They've printed performance figures. All produced independently of each other, but with similarly precise measurement techniques. "I'm not seeking to rubbish the DSG system but merely to encourage people to; a) try it themselves before spending £2k on it b) be objective and not just take what the motoring press re-print from the PR releaes as gospel...which in the case of certain mags, is exactly what they do..." I agree that people should try the cars out, rather than believing PR releases. But when magazines, newspapers, websites or TV programmes run their own independent performance tests, I'm going to assume they're better informed than you or me. I know that many reviews are written during/after all-expenses-paid junkets, and some journos don't want to upset the manufacturers, but I don't think they'd fiddle the figures. I've been driving both an automatic and a manual car for the last 18 months, so I suppose I'm used to driving an auto. The DSG just seems to be an auto with faster gearchanges and the option to pick your gears when flying along winding roads. I'm sure it'll take a little while to get the most out of it, but I'm quite looking forward to that. Obviously, I'm sure you'd get as much enjoyment from a manual, but the auto will make the Bristol traffic far more tolerable. Well, a little.
  12. Sometimes VW can be utter rubbish

    [ QUOTE ] the GTI with DSG is no quicker per se than the manual. [/ QUOTE ] For what it's worth, the above is merely opinion. So far, I've only seen one magazine whose tests suggested the DSG wasn't faster than the manual. Other mags have conducted their own performance testing and found the DSG to be faster. If you mean that it doesn't feel any faster, then that's a different matter. I didn't feel a great performance difference between the DSG and manual, but nobody is claiming there is one. Most figures I've seen have suggested it's only 0.3 to 0.7 of a second quicker to 60, so most of us are unlikely to notice. But the flexibility of the DSG was easily worth the extra money for my driving circumstances. Gareth seems to want to denigrate the DSG gearbox to justify his own options selection. Fine; but the figures (independently tested) don't back up his view. If there are test results that do back it up, then let's see them. We can all be re-educated. Don't forget to send a copy to VW, too. It's unlikely that many purchasers will have gone for DSG in order to marginally beat a manual away from the lights, so I doubt anyone really cares.
  13. Stereo options

    I've ordered the soundpack, but the dealers I've spoken to were pretty vague about its contents. I understand it comprises of an uprated amplifier and slightly better speakers, but I'm not holding out a great deal of hope. When I test drove a car with the standard stereo, it sounded pretty flat. Tried one of the CDs that was already in the car, and it was barely any better than the radio. Unfortunately, because the soundpack doesn't increase the range of settings you can change i.e. you don't seem to get a bass boost or mid-range equalisation, it's not going to improve it a hell of a lot. I took the plunge, in the hope that at least it couldn't be any worse than the standard stereo. If anyone has already got a car with the soundpack, I'd be very interested to know what they think of it. I've got 3 weeks until the projected build date, so I'm getting more curious by the minute. Hello, by the way. Been lurking for a while.