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  1. VAG Indy

    Can anyone recommend a VAG Indy in the Durham area thanks.
  2. Hi Newbie here

    Thank everyone for your replies
  3. Hi Newbie here

    Hi Scottie, The A4 is a 1.9TDI with a sports pack and all the mod cons available back then . I've had her since new and she's an 02 plate. The Allroad is a 2.5 A6 quattro again with lots of extras.I bought it last week and it's a 52 plate. I think I'll take the Allroad back up to Scotland. I have a garage I use all the time for the A4. The owner is an Audi master mechanic and a real gem and very reasonable price wise. I was hoping to find the same type of garage locally
  4. Hi Newbie here

    Hi I'm Cath and recently moved to Bishop Auckland area. I have an A4 and recently bought an Allroad. I'm looking for recommendations as to where to go to have the Allroad serviced and the brakes done and a general inspection. I can't trust the car until It's been inspected and serviced Etc. Thanks for any replies