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  1. Hi, Im currently looking for a 95-97 MK3 Golf Gti. Hoping to get one with mileage around 60,000 to 90,000. Some things are a must re. the black heated leathers It will probably be a 8v although 16v is a possibility. This is my first MK3 Golf. Is there anywhere (or someone) who could help me with things to lok for? I.E. What can usually go wrong with these? Also does anybody know how much difference there is between, colour concept, anniversary versions etc. Is colour concept the best for leathers? Would you buy a MK3 without service history or previous MOT's? Does VW have a record of service on their computers? Thanks
  2. 8V or 16v Golf GTi MK3?

    Thanks mate
  3. 8V or 16v Golf GTi MK3?

    is the 16v more thirsty? How many miles roughly - local driving £10 = 70 to 80 miles?
  4. Hi, Im looking for my first GTi Obviously - keeping family tradition - i havnt got a clue Whats the difference between 8v & 16v? & what would you choose & Why? Ta