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  1. At Long Last, Its arrived!

    [ QUOTE ] There was a lot of discussion on this forums about the bucket seats before the S3 came out, particularly regarding how comfortable they were on a run etc and I have to admit I wondered if I had made the right decision ordering them. However I have to say that after about 1200 miles with the car including a few reasonable runs, I dont regret it for a minute. These seats are fantastic and IMHO much better than the standard S3 seats which I tried on a demo model. Yes they are very expensive, but the lateral support is brilliant and more importantly I have no back problems with them. Incidentally i am about 6ft 2in,and fairly large framed, so any points about them not being suitable for larger people are not true. The seats have electrical heating, but no lumber support (they dont need it)and are manually operated. Yes getting people in and out the back is a bit more awkward as you have to slide the seat forward as well as tilt, but in my case thats not an issue as I rarely carry back seat passengers. All in all delighted with the car, best handling performing audi I have owned (and that includes a B7 S4 Avant!)and the most comfortable to sit in. [/ QUOTE ] Thanks for your reply,
  2. At Long Last, Its arrived!

    [ QUOTE ] Finally got around to a picture! [/ QUOTE ] Any more pics? interior and seat pics would be great.
  3. At Long Last, Its arrived!

    Wow that looks fab, best pic of a spirit blue Ive seen, I see you went for the bucket seats, whats the spec on these ? electric ,lumbar ,inflatable bolsters.
  4. To the Irish GTI Lads

    I have 18's and find the ride is excellent, they look the dogs too.
  5. 18s 0r 17s - Please help

    I have 18s and the ride is not harsh at all even on the bad Irish roads, have to be the best option on the list.
  6. GTI Sound replicator

    Its not the exhaust its the intake tract that had to be routed differently for rhd cars
  7. Time to go...

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Wow thats some torque, tyres won't last long. Chipped 535d ? [/ QUOTE ] quite pleased if the tyres are trashed soon...will get rid of the dreaded run flats that way Good guess fella [/ QUOTE ] Thats for sure Whats the bhp figure? Must be some animal......
  8. Time to go...

    Wow thats some torque, tyres won't last long. Chipped 535d ?
  9. Considering Golf GTi

    Going for the black myself,
  10. Phots of GTI

    Tell us more.....
  11. Phots of GTI

    Thought the car was going Gareth :-) Itchy feet cured by GTI.........
  12. Red,Black,white,grey. in order of my pref
  13. Difference between 17 and 18" wheels

    I have to agree with that :-)
  14. GTI MK5 Miltek

    Anyone fitted a miltek exhaust yet? or chipped their GTI.
  15. Difference between 17 and 18" wheels

    Yes the 18's have a dark grey on the inside and look miles better than the 17's. imo