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  1. MK3 8v & 16v

    Activa - Thought you drove a citroen. 944 3.0 S2, done porsche before and agree good, but after testing cars realised I wanted a fwd toy. I believe that the Fiat would be easier to drive fast on wet or unfamiliar country roads and therefore on par with a 944. Nearly bought 911 instead of XKR and will consider in future. Only interested in 911 LeMan - Are you saying that anything which requires care is crap including TVR, Ferrari, Lotus. Practicality should not be a reason for choosing a car, it certainly does not make an icon! MattR32 - Perhaps your mate needs an inconspicuous practical car to commute to work in? Or perhaps a R32 would be at the upper limit of his price range. If your car has to be your only transport, taxi, toy, pool car etc I am sure that the golf is a good compromise . If I needed a car for this I would also compromise. On the right day the sound of the coupe sucking the road in through the drilled airbox, the dump valve and the stainless steel exhaust as you spank it through your favourite corners is hard to beat. It is a real giant killer, and cross country is almost impossible to lose. Huge torque, ridiculous speed, attracts only positive comments, no adverse reaction unlike BMW/golf/merc, fantastic sound, traction control, predictible and safe but can be provoked nicely into lift off oversteer Only car the missus could get in and feel comfortable to drive HARD, I can't lose her on country lanes in the XKR and that has 150bhp more!!! The Coupe 20VT was the fastest fwd production car for may years and even now you are talkig 1/2 sec here and there. When launched it was described by Autocar as the spiritual successor to the escort cosworth . I take the view that each car should be used as intended. I have a Discovery for the rough stuff, Jag for rwd fun and cruising, BMW for the missus, Fiat as the ultimate fwd fun and I have a Porsche Speedster replica (beetle - amazing 1300cc powerhouse!!, lovely red leather though!!!)Bought this because its really really cute and the missus told me she had to heve it!!!! Have not really found out what this one if for apart from looking cool and for the missus to pose in. Once a car is a compromise, it can never truely be great. The R32 will be remembered because it has a V8, not because of its speed or style. Coupe is my cheapest car by £10,000 and gets the most use, I think that says alot.
  2. MK3 8v & 16v

    Well an Evo 8 is 5 times the price and looks like a scalextric car!!!!! To get 14.5/14.6 you will have to have half the transmission changed in 12 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that costs equally as much as coupe repairs. Pod aside, I have never heard of or personally found a driver who can produe or is willing to replicate this when challenged At no point have I been worried in the coupe, but have been able to reel in golfs in really shite cars in the past and was amazed it was so easy. PS. My coupe is my 5th car and I went out looking to spend £20k for fun and came back with one of these after testing Corrado VR6, various gti golfs, audi TT 225, 3.2, RX8, Porsche 944, Nissan 350Z, Integra Type R etc etc. I have just as much fun in my coupe as my 2004 XKR SUPERCHARGER Missus cant believe I take the coupe over the Jag or BMW In the end, each to their own, but it seems like the GTI brand is the main reason to buy a golf, image over substance.
  3. MK3 8v & 16v

    I didn't realise that you lot were so slow, now I understand why you are always modifying your cars. I'd be well p*ssed if I bought a GTI and it was that slow. I just scrapped a Volvo 740 that would do it in 8.6 secs and top at 140, I found this out on the way to the scrappers!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, what you really want is a Fiat Coupe 20 Valve Turbo 0 - 60 in 6.2 secs (personal time) Over 160mph (verified by many people) 14.4 standing 1/4 mile, as completed by standard car this month at RWYB Santa Pod. Faster than a new WRX STI and humiliates Audi TT's!!!!!!! AND LOOKS THE NUTS
  4. MK3 8v & 16v

    How fast 0-60 and top speed are the MK 3 8 & 16 valve golfs?