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  1. Hi guys, When i unlock my car the doors unlock except the drivers door, only way it unlocks with remote is to be next to it then press it again. Seems to have got gradually worse over last week or so. Also when it finally does unlock you can hear what i guess is the motor or something wirring slowly as it does so. The other doors just unlock with the nice thud sound. It makes this noise when unlocking manually from the inside too, but not locking? Any ideas before i take it in? Audi A6 C6 2005. Ta Muchly
  2. Lease hire

    Hi Guys, I am now self employed so will be looking to replace my ageing A6 this year. Serious thought now going in to leasing as opposed to buying, depending on taax implications of both which i will be going through with accountant etc. So question for now is, which lease company do you use? loads out there so trying to get a feel for what is good/bad etc. Cheers
  3. A6 Problem

    Right guys, hoping someone can help. Few weeks ago i have to get RAC man out, had a flat battery and car wouldnt start. he checked it all over and couldnt find anything wrong. Battery is good, Battery is charging, couldnt find anything taking load when car is turned off and locked etc etc. Anyway, been ok for a few weeks then went to it the other day and noticed the brake lights were on and battery flat again. Been out to it this morning and brake lights were on again, but quite literally went off in front of my eyes before i had even got the house (They werent on when i went to bed as i have been checking). So, seems clear its this thats causing the flat battery, you dont have to put much pressure on the pedal for the lights to come on so was thinking switch needs adjusting perhaps? Can you even adjust the switch on these things? Had a quick look but cant seem to see top of brake pedal as trim etc all in way. Or is likely to be some other failure? Car is 2005 A6. Thanks
  4. A6 Servicing

    Right guys, Have had my 2006 A6 (2.0l Diesel) for a few months now, car is fantastic and drives ace but is due a service any day now. The car has 90k on the clock and has had everything done so far done by audi. Variable servicing etc. Now its in my hands i do around 6-8k a year so am wondering what is best regarding servicing. I got a local guy to do my old A4 and always did a top job but he isnt Audi nor an independant Audi guy either. What do u think is best, carrying on with Audi servicing or going to my local guy who i know i can trust anyway? I take it you can reset the service computer on these without the need for Audi? Cheers guys
  5. Door lights

    Yep spot on they are reflectors - What a con!! My 2001 A4 had them as lights but the 2005 A6 doesnt? Joke!
  6. Door lights

    Yes its the C6. I am guessing the lights are there as the little red holders are there (Lights when you open doors i am talking about) all the interior lighting works including footwells etc. But none of the 4 doors light up, even at night?
  7. Door lights

    Any ideas why none of the little red lights in my doors are working? Would assume a fuse but cant find anything in the manual to suggest which fuse?
  8. Can you swap over?

    Its a 2005 C6, seen a quite a few with this climate in, didnt seem to be fitted to all until 2006?? Seen quite a lot without. Anyway, doesnt matter now i bought it, once i took it out i had to have it.
  9. Can you swap over?

    Not quite plug and play then..
  10. Can you swap over?

    Guys, Looking to sell my Mondeo and go back to Audi (had an A4 few years back). Really want an A6 so looked at a few. The one i like at the minute is a 2005, it has the older climate control panel in - the one with the dials and no digital display. Is this changeable with the newer ones with the chrome looking dials and display? Can you swap them over or is it a no-no? This is the only thing putting me off, pathetic i know but much prefer the look of the newer ones. Cheers
  11. TT & Passengers

    Hi all, I'm starting to seriously getting a TT, wanted one for ages but always gone off at the last minute and got something else. Had a few A4's before so not new to Audi's. Anyway, who has the old TT and a childseat fitted in the back? Seats look ok for a forward facing seat to me, so anyone got one and what type? Cheers guys
  12. Part Ex

    Hi, I have seen a car at an Audi dealer that i quite like that i am going to go see this week. However i am always unsure when "doing the deal" so to speak so would like some advice. The car is up at 8.5k, is it likely that they would take my car as part ex? Its a 2001 51 Plate A4 2.0 Sport with 54k on the clock, its in good condition with service history but not all Audi. So would they take a car like this on a part ex against something at only 8.5k? If they would, what do you reckon they would give me for it? I know all prices vary and i have looked on Parkers, but just wanted some opinions, i would like to come away thinking i have got a good deal, or at least not been ripped off!! Or if not the part ex, how much would you expect to get knocked off a car at 8.5k when dealing with cash? What would be a "normal" amount for them to come down by? Cheers in advance guys!
  13. Drivers door

    Yes the window works, also the door open light works, i think you can even hear the door lock working, it just doesnt unlock unless you use the key
  14. Drivers door

    Just as i am about to put my A4 up for sale, it has devolped yet another fault. When you unlock the car with the remote, the drivers door stays locked. It will only unlock if you do it with the key. Then when in the car and driving, once the doors auto lock at 10mph or whatever it is the drivers door stays locked once you have taken the key out of the ignition, all the other doors are fine. So the drivers door will only unlock with the key and not the remote. As a temporary measure i have disabled the auto locking with vag com, so at least it doesn't lock me in the car. I have scanned for fault codes and got - Control Module Part Number: 8E0 959 433 AJ Component and/or Version: Komfortgerát T9F 0619 Software Coding: 06858 Work Shop Code: WSC 63351 1 Fault Found: 01559 - Drivers Door 37-00 - Faulty Anyone any experience with this fault? Any idea? Cheers guys
  15. Diesel Engines

    So you have all pretty much convinced me that the engines can do high mileage. What about cars with the auto box on? any issues to report there on cars with moon miles?