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  1. 16V swap for 8V

    I would like to know if it would be worthwhile to repair my current 8v motor since it is leaking oil (from the head, & the valve cover for sure can't tell where else). We know the head inevitably must come off, and will be decently labor intensive, so would it just be a smarter choice to forego the possibility of having to redo this in the future and replace the engine? The current motor has not had any major work done, and has 192XXX kilometers. I also noticed that the gas mileage is terrible, worse than in my 2000 Ford focus. I can only manage 200 km out of a half tank now. I have not priced out the parts for this job but I know it will at least run $200-$1000 depending on what we find when the motor comes apart. How much would a 16V or 1.8T motor run ? What would be involved in swapping the transmission or preparing it for the 16V or 1.8T. I already assume the bellhousings are different. PLS help me out here, I need to make a decision within the next 2 wks. Peace....Josh.Lo