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  1. 2005 reg, 5door, candy white, 4800 miles. Give me a call on 01759 301814 or 07792 331924 if you're interested. Cheers, Dan.
  2. FOR SALE: 05 MkV Golf GTI

  3. Selling my mk5 Golf GTI, 5 months old, 4800 miles: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2005-VOLKSWAGEN-GO...1QQcmdZViewItem Give me a call on 01759 301814 or 07792 331924 if you're interested.
  4. Came out of work today and my rear eiper was wagging continuously like a dog. No matter what position i put the wiper stalk in it didnt stop at all, eventually pulled over and turned the ignition off then back on and all was back to normal. Was I just being useless not able to turn it off or has anyone heard of wacky electrics in the new golf causing this? Cheers Dan
  5. My GTI came set to longlife servicing - my salesperson didnt actually tell me there was an alternative. I have discovered that in fact it is possible for the car to be set to standard "time and distance" servicing, and that this better suits my driving habits - frequent short stop/start journeys, commute of less than 3 miles. However, my dealership is saying that they can only switch the service type on my car if they do a service at the same time - at a cost of £80.00. Is there any way that I can get around this? I want the servicing switched so that it becoomes due at 10,000 miles but I don't really want to have to pay for a service now with the car only at 4000 miles. Cheers Dan
  6. mkV GTI - switching service type

    Are you sayign that it is techincally perfectly possible to switch the service type mid-interval? Or that an oil change is required at same time but that they should fit the bill?
  7. anyone debadged yet?

    Looking to debadge of golf GTI logos front and back - anyone done this yet and know how they're fixed on? are they glued on? taped on? pins into holes? Let me know if you've done this and have the info. Also, anyone else thinking of doing this? Cheers Dan

    [ QUOTE ] Quick solution - use black duct tape to cover it... [/ QUOTE ] Or just have it sprayed black - lots of people do that on the mk2vw logo (didnt it even come that ways stock on some of the late 16vs??)
  9. Thinking of trading

    [ QUOTE ] martin [/ QUOTE ] Hehe, seen that in the flesh myself in wolfsburg autostadt - IIRC its in the room you cut through to get to the toilets
  10. Dealers' going to kill me...

    [ QUOTE ] We have no highline comp here in switzerland for the GTi, what is it? [/ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] MFA + [/ QUOTE ] I think these are the same thing
  11. 282 bhp!!

    [ QUOTE ] Anyone who ops to have 280hp, up from 200hp, and doesn't uprate the brakes and suspension needs their head looking at. [/ QUOTE ] Can you just explain that? Why would you need uprated brakes? They'd still be hauling you down from the same speed? And why uprated suspension? Power is transmitted through your drivetrain, not your suspesion, so why would you need to upgrade your suspension? Can you actually give me an explanation for this rather than just "cos you just do"?
  12. knocking whilst idleing

    [ QUOTE ] Dont forget that there is a dealer recall on the Gti. This involves insulating the master cylinder to decrease the noise that comes from it, this recall solved mine. Ask your dealer about it as they will only carry out this work if you either ask for it, or if your car is in for a service as it is not classed as a serious issue. Hope this helps. [/ QUOTE ] Is there another thread for this or some info somewhere? Need more info to take to my dealer, they are a bunch of retards and unless I am able to quote a reference number of something at them will just deny all knowledge of this!
  13. New 1.4 Twin charger

    [ QUOTE ] Apparently better power and economy. [/ QUOTE ] Nope, better power per litre, maybe, but down on power overall - this is well known for a while now and will be below the GTI in a lineup. Plus, turbo and supercharger don't work at same time - is more like a twin turbo - supercharger acts as small turbo for low-end boost, then clutch disengages at 3k rpm or so, when the big turbo kicks in. Impressive, but this is not a GTI-beater. EDIT: and the R32 is ugly. The mkIV R32 was beefy and gorgeous. Mkv R32 doesn't look right at all.
  14. [ QUOTE ] 3, £60 extra on insurance + £100 added onto voluntry excess [/ QUOTE ] 4. just for exhausts? they raped you.
  15. Abyssmal Stealer?

    Abyssmal customer service indeed - the trouble is, you're highly unlikely to find any dealer with stock allocation for this year left, the gti is just too popular. Of course, the dealer should have been up front with you about this. Given that he hasn't, I wouldn't cancel your order (or you'll go to the back of the queue somewhere else in any case) but I'd go in and have a word with the sales manager and just demands that you get the entire truth of the situation - when order will be placed, official lead times/wait etc.
  16. I hope this doesn't happen when my GTI arrrives!

    [ QUOTE ] Poor bloke at work. Yesterday was reversing his new SLK into a parking space. The power eteering failed as the hydraulic pipe snapped, spraying fluid all over the hot engine and resulting in this: [/ QUOTE ] Are you sure that's what happened or is that just your guess? I'm pretty sure that power steering fluid (whilst admittedly nasty, toxic stuff) isn't actually flammable. Dan
  17. mk5 wiper madness - me or the electrics?

    Mine seems to have fixed itself of its own accord too actually - no problem now in over a month
  18. Sold a slightly older GTI, it was rubbish to be honest, mkV is loads loads better. Got a mk2 in the garage still for the weekends too but am finding I hardly use it now - witht he mkV its not really necessary to have something fun for the weekend - it IS something fun for the weekend. Dan
  19. MKII Gti

    Still got a mk2 as well as my mk5 - got some great ront-on shots but no web hosting - if you give me your email address I can email you some - what do you want them for anyway?
  20. Space Saver Vs a can of puncture foam?

    Think your both missing the point. Can you imagine a 73yr old pensioner with bad hips changing the tyre at 11pm at night on a dark road? Exactly - foam every time
  21. Aluminium footrest

    [ QUOTE ] ..and there was I thinking you'd got the hang of this modding lark Robin. Si. [/ QUOTE ] Chrome > Carbon fibre > aluminium > plastic Learn it.
  22. I am " The cheshire cat "

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] 3, sterio is really good. no need to get sound pack or to swap to my very expensive sterio in my last car [/ QUOTE ] Strange you should say that, when I collected mine I was pleasantly surprised, would hardly call it perfect but was fine for everyday use. I wonder if VW have made some internal changes to the models with chrome knobs? [/ QUOTE ] Don't think so, just people being ultra-pciky about the stereo - i have a my05 and the stereo is fine - nowhere near as bad as people make out (and i have several grand of high end separates at hom, so yes i do know what decent sound is). Its nt superb, but plnty good enough for the GTI pricepont as a standard (non-option) stereo.
  23. anyone debadged yet?

    [ QUOTE ] Hi Dan - "rebadged" or "debadged"? You were originally talking about debadging. [/ QUOTE ] Can't so one without the other - was looking to rebadge by debadging the old badge(s) and badging again with the new badge(s). And that's a lot of badgers. I was only looking for technical info on how to get the old badges off but somehow the thread got out of hand and people I think assumed I was discussing completely smoothing the car - not a good idea on the mk5 IMHO, too round a shape, would make it look like a giant marshmallow. Was only kidding about it looking better, hence the winky smiley next to the post. Really want to get the caractere backbox and rear valance now but its a fortune. maybe i should start up a separate post trying to organise a group buy for group discount - anyone interested? Dan
  24. anyone debadged yet?

    Its done and rebadged. You might spot it on the road - its the gti that now looks better than yours.
  25. anyone debadged yet?

    [ QUOTE ] I'm told that hot water will remove the rear GTI badge. You going to remove the VW badges too? [/ QUOTE ] Nope, just gti badges front and rear. [ QUOTE ] Each to their own yet again!! But why? Oh why? Aren't you proud of driving a GTI? Like LeMan I just don't understand why....Would you care to enlighten us? [/ QUOTE ] My mk2 is completely debadged - no vw symbol or badges front or rear. Bu the mkV I'm not truly debadging - removing the existing badging to rplace it with something else. I just can't avoid modifying my cars, no matter how slightly, so I know its slightly different to all the others :-)