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  1. Poxy chewing gum

    Try Brake and Clutch cleaner....its thwe same cemicals that dry cleaners use for removing the stuff..tetraethaclorine....or some such
  2. 10 sec cars?

    Caterham 7 R500.....8.8....£34K Caterham 7 1.6 superlight...10.8....juast over but god its a 1600......£19K Ultima GTR....8.2.....£45K Westfield Seight....9.4..... TVR Tuscan S....9.3....£48k TVR Cerbera.....9.......40k
  3. '92 520i troubleshooting.

    Are you sure its not oil being burnt off.....BMW's tend to wear valve stem oil seals and sometimes valve guides.
  4. starting problem '95 2.8 Cabrio

    1st off tow-starting not recomended...2 reasons 1, if any slack in timming belt, the suddern 'jerk' can jump a tooth and..disaster. 2, you can put too much un burnt fuel and it will kill you won't know until you go for an emissions test. Does the car turn over ok? Have you had the battery drop tested? and the alternator charge rate tested?
  5. warranty

    Think the AA also do one.
  6. How neat is this?

    Everyone who gets in my A3 says how good quality the interior is, and how the doors 'shut'...dont think I could go back to a Ford or a Vauxhall..
  7. pollen filter

    Piece of piss, you going to the Kent meet? Its by the baulk head under the bonnet on the Nearside... Remove the rubber strip.....lift up the black trim ...carefully so you don't break it..and all is revealed.
  8. Kent Meet anyone

    [ QUOTE ] got bored so fort id make a list... Hopsta A3 Floyd (where ya live hun??) Matt R ?? Shao Khan RichyBoy FatCat ME TINY Preachercain?? [/ QUOTE ] Are you gonna bring the Gti pictures along....mmmmm Anyone wanna meet at Whitehouse Dartford, bout 7.30ish?
  9. IIRC....rear seat lifts up to gain acsees to battery, or under the bonnet theres a jump point, a plastic cover marked with a red+, the negative is your engine block or chassis. Alot of BMW's are the same.
  10. Miller group buy III

    [ QUOTE ] Richy we may be able to come to some kind of arrangement [/ QUOTE ] Now I'm scared
  11. Kent Meet anyone

    We should be there bout 8pm, is that ok?
  12. And i thought the Zonda was a spot!

    [ QUOTE ] 5 in the country [/ QUOTE ] Any names? heard Rod Stewart was going to get a soft top one but nodoubt thats for L.A. Always thought he was a knob, but I love his early stuff, and god he can pull a blonde
  13. Miller group buy III

    Who is closest to Kent?
  14. Overheating A3

    I'd rather spend 2 mins checking the fuse, than 1hour+ checking the waterpump.
  15. Overheating A3

    [ QUOTE ] i'll second that. mine did the same. basically the fan wasn't coming on. took it to my local dealer and they simply replaced the fuse for me for free. [/ QUOTE ] Free not a word usally associated with Audi