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  1. Had the remap removed and guess what, the car is fine! I guess I should look into this further, and will also have a word with them at the link you gave me. Thanks
  2. If it did, I never noticed! Could this potentially be because of the remap, do you think? I might ask them to do a 'hard' test drive ... or just get it removed and try a bespoke one ...
  3. Right ... I can't delete my first post, but I can perhaps make it a bit more infromative, having been out for a quick drive in the car so that it is all fresh in my mind: The car accelerates very well, no judders whatsoever, super smooth. On gentler dropping down through the gears and then accelerating (but not aggressively), all is fine. Aggressive dropping of gears followed by fairly harsh acceleration = slight but noticable hesitation/pause, then it goes off like a rocket again. It feels as if something is being engaged and is a little slow. I've always been aware of a slight lag in power in diesels (this isn't my first) when suddenly accelerating when the revs are low ... not the best driving I know. Having recently had the remap done, I honestly don't know if this was present before (as I wasn't driving hard) or whether I am noticing everything as I'm trying to 'feel' the difference! So, what I'm wondering is whether this momentary lag/pause is: a) slight turbo lag, especially if I let the revs drop too low (it seems to pretty much disappear if I keep the revs relatively high when changing down and then accelerating)? b) momentary lag in Quattro drive before it kicks in? c) something else? Thanks for reading this far
  4. I've recently had my Audi TT TDi remapped (Stage 1 by one of the well known companies). It's a lowish mileage (<40,000 miles) and in excellent overall condition having been serviced and maintained by the book. The increase in power is definitely noticeable and wonderful when going up through 3rd and 4th gears. My one niggle is when I'm changing down quite agressively in order to accelerate away. Particularly when dropping into 3rd gear there is a bit of a judder (almolst feels like it misses a beat) before the power cuts in and it pulls away. There is a bit of lag in 4th but it is far less noticeable. My question is whether this is something 'normal' - turbo lag - or should I get it checked out? This is my first remap, so I am a complete novice, and I am on a 28 day reversal and refund if I am not happy with it. I really WANT to be 100% happy with it, so any advice gratefully received Thanks in advance! (BTW, I'm not completely new to the forum - I used to have an A3 and had a couple of threads in the past ... new email, so new account and username)