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  1. Buying an X5

    OK so I pulled the trigger on the X5. I wanted to get a fully specced anniversary edition as it just looks superb with the paint and leather combination. However it isn't available with 7 seats :-( So I have opted for a X35d M Sport in carbon black. One thing I specified was sports suspension deletion as I thought it was far too firm for that type of vehicle. However it still has 20" rims with run flats. Can I specify non runflats? If so what happens in the event of a blowout?
  2. Buying an X5

    I will be looking at 6 weeks lead time till delivery or thereabouts. Timing wise it looks like I will put the order in towards the end of January so that coincides with the registration change. Not sure where to order from though. I have spoken to two dealerships already and have not been impressed with aspects of service and knowledge of the product. Any recommendations welcome.
  3. Buying an X5

    The current one has been out about three years so I don't think a replacement is due any time soon. I want to get a used one but am very fussy about colour, as the X5 is quite colour sensitive vehicle. I have spoken to one dealer who has already offered just shy of 10% straight off the bat. Thing is I am also lookin for a 1 series convertible so am hoping this puts me in a good position to acheive an excellent deal, but am not sure how deep a discount I should settle with. I was thinking around 12-13%. Is this realistic? Has anyone done better?
  4. Buying an X5

    Hi - Need to find a really *really really* well specced X5, 35d SE. I cannot find one though and am thinking of buying a new one. How much discount should I be achieving in today's market from BMW? Just for info, the X5 lists at circa 60K. Also, if you know anyone selling an X5 with most options ticked, then feel free to PM me.
  5. Chrome GT-R of joy

    Spotted in my car park amongst various other exotica.....
  6. thanks for the advice. Has been v helpful. In conclusion I will either be doing loads of miles or very few at all, depending on job. If I will be doing lots of miles then I will opt for a 520d and if not then I will be going for the 535d. Will keep you informed how it all goes.....
  7. My budget wont extend to an LCI car (although I would love one!). Does your 535d have less than 10,000 miles on the clock ? (ie. engine has not been fully bedded in). Diesel costs more than £1.07, and the gap between petrol and diesel seems to be widening ever further. Interesting comparison you have made against your Golf GTI. If you say that diesel on average costs 10% more than petrol, then you would need to get at least 10% more mpg than an 'equivalent' petrol. 'Equivalent' to me would probably include a Golf GTI (ie. desirable, quality, practical family motor) which is what the BM is (although I would say the BM has the Golf licked on performance). Therefore both your cars roughly cost the same in fuel terms for your daily commute. Incidentally, is this mainly a slow town commute, or a mixture of open roads and lots of traffic lights? A non-LCI 535d would probably struggle to get an average of 30mpg. Hmmmmmmm, need to check the maths and calculate how much mileage I will be driving and whether I can afford to run this baby! Man, did I just say that? Questioning whether I can afford to run a DIESEL? How sad am I!
  8. Am thinking of taking the plunge and getting a 535d in January. I have not driven the car yet, but will in a few weeks. I am looking at getting a 3 yr old fully specced 535d sport for around 20K which is a great car for the money. My only question is what is the average mpg 535d owners see on their trip computer in the real world? Also, is there a BMW equivalent to Audi Fontain (ie. a very good specialist independant) ?
  9. Burton Shaun White 2008 jacket in size XL. It was bought about 5 months ago and I have worn this jacket for 4 hours (so basically it is as new). Reason for sale is I am now a lot thinner and need a medium (would be happy to swap for a medium or large). The jacket has a hood and many pockets. It is very warm. It has pinstripe effect with a shirt cuff. It costs around £160.00 new. I would accept £120.00. Location is central London. Contact
  10. GT5 prologue and PS3

    We should probably compile a list of TSNers online names! Would be good fun! Mine is 'balboni' and I normally play Fuji at the 650 class.
  11. GT5 prologue and PS3

    Yes, you can tune many aspects of the car. Add weight, lower weight, add horsepower, change the brake balance, tinker with the aerodynamics etc etc.....
  12. GT5 prologue and PS3

    Once you have finished class A, a new special class appears with mainly supercars and tuned cars. Not too bad, you can pretty much do all of the races with a stock GT-R (or mildly tuned). However for one of the races you need an F40 and another requires a GT-40! Better start saving!!!
  13. GT5 prologue and PS3

    Yeh agreed, that Tii was a surprise.
  14. GT5 prologue and PS3

    Ahhh, just finished the A class races.... :-) I agree about the online play. That needs to be sorted out. Very jerky I thought. But I think the GT-R is by far the best car. I think it handles beautifully. With soft racing tyres it is just awesome. The other car that shocked me was the Corvette Z06. My god that thing shifts! Handles pretty tidily too, but still no match for GT-R I'm afraid......
  15. GT5 prologue and PS3

    Arrrrrrrrr.....I cant see it in the UK playstation store :-(