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  1. 420d xdrive mpg

    So 19 months in, 63,000 miles at an average of 54.5mpg, total servicing costs of £700.00 (for 3 services), still on the same brakes (30,000 miles left) on second set of tyres and still loving the car. My nephew, who is the M specialist at my local dealer, keeps trying to get me to change, but why should I. I think it has at least another 12 months to give me and I'm doing even more miles now, approx 1k per month.
  2. Roof Bars Conundrum

    Indespension, branches around the country.
  3. RS3 - Saloon!

    Yes 19 inch, decided to stick with what the car was supplied with, these were not the cheapest either, some other runflats were about £220 each. STill they lasted 32k miles, so not too bad, much better than my last cars managed.
  4. RS3 - Saloon!

    I'm having two rear tyres on my 420d next week, £404.00 for the pair.
  5. New pants please

    Wow, some skills shown there.
  6. SPOTY 2017

    Adam Peaty gets my vote.
  7. MOTs in older cars

    That's really interesting, thanks for highlighting it.
  8. M2 or Macan

    Thought i'd missed something,then i looked again at the picture.
  9. F1 2017

    What a Cnut Hamilton looks on that picture.
  10. Opinions on Virgin Media.

    Egged on by this thread I just called Sky and got the following, not the best,but better than I had. All channels, Sky Q 2tb with minibox. All for £53 pm with free installation and new dish. Still I have been with them for over 18 years .
  11. I bought a Bellroy minimal wallet 3 years ago, suits me fine as most of my transactions are done with my phone through Android pay. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bellroy-Leather-Very-Small-Wallet/dp/B00JZBOKJ2/ref=sr_1_13?s=luggage&ie=UTF8&qid=1504955975&sr=1-13&nodeID=11967999031&psd=1&keywords=minimal+wallets
  12. 420d xdrive mpg

    That is really good for such a large sized vehicle/engine.
  13. 420d xdrive mpg

    I'd much prefer to try it on your island, but it is easily done, many times a month. Certainly makes it easier in this car.
  14. The new TVR Griffith

    Well said, possibly the case for many enthusiasts.
  15. 420d xdrive mpg

    And another long day's drive.