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  1. Mazda mx5

    Sorry, no pictures. Oh and it had only three wheels, like the old Messerschmitt. Seen yesterday heading east on the A50 going into Meir, Stoke on Trent.
  2. Mental Monster Truck vid

    Wow, that's some control.
  3. New company car time

    If you don't mind me asking, which model is he having?
  4. New company car time

    Thanks, i'm going into my local MB dealer on Friday, i'll have a look, makes sense as long as the mpg and emissions don't suffer too much.
  5. New company car time

    Carmad, one of the first I looked at was the 330e. And you are right,long journeys are the killer for me. I do many return trips of 200 mile plus, and also at least 1 trip per week of 350 miles plus monthly Scotland trips.
  6. New company car time

    Not looked inside a Merc yet, so have no idea what the handbrake is like. My Mazda is a switch on the centre console. And, no idea on the gearbox.
  7. New company car time

    I'll have a look at the Seat, thanks. Like the BMW's, but the styling is a bit boring, on some models, in my eyes.
  8. New company car time

    Good point, an estate would certainly come in handy sometimes.
  9. New company car time

    I take it the AMG line is just styling?
  10. New company car time

    That is very high on my list at the moment, C 250 d SE Executive Edition Saloon.
  11. New company car time

    Never really been a fan of BMW's either, but cannot fault their engines etc. I do like the look of the 2 series more than the, I think, boring design of the 3 series. Just thought of something else, would it be worthwhile looking at lease etc? I know nothing about these so any info greatfully received.
  12. New company car time

    I currently have a Mazda 6 Sport Nav 175 diesel for a company car. Other than normal service and tyres, it has had nothing spent on repairs in the 2 years I have had it. Don't want to keep it too much longer as the value will drop off soon because of the miles. I drive approx 35,000 miles per year, plenty of 500 mile round trips but very few short trips. I would appreciate some choices based on the following. Comfortable on long journeys. Goodish mpg / low co2, approx 125 and below. Sat nav built in, bluetooth and cruise. Automatic. Doesn't need masses of space as nearly all journeys are on my own. Preferably new or pre reg. £30,000 to spend plus £10,000 from p/x. Required around late May/June. Thanks for any ideas.
  13. Post a pic of your car

    Agree with you,looks good and used.
  14. Another new S5 ordered

    Can't find the tumbleweed emoticon.
  15. New pants please

    Fook! Just saw one on the midlands news, woman from Coventry 3 times over the limit, hit a roundabout and flew 14 feet in the air. With her 13 month old child in the back seat and an empty vodka bottle in the front.