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  1. RHD conversion??

    Strike now whilst the Euro is so good against us poor pounders!
  2. I know, I know, which remap etc....

    Cheers guys, looks like I will go for the REVO and hopefully that will re-start the love affair! So I'll let you know after I've been on a visit to Corten Miller in Linc's...... ES
  3. Hello all, After over 3 years of ownership I think its time to give my 05 GTi DSG a little freshen up. To be honest after a few years of Audi ownership I've not been overly impressed with VW build qualitly after a string of annoying little problems ( dreaded worming on my 18" Monza's, small cooling fan, dash freeze and now a knocking sound under breaking) but due to the current drop in 2nd hand prices I've decided to stick with for now. So I'm looking for a power increase, which is usable, not too agressive and will get me loving the GTi again. I have got pretty much every re-map company added to my favorites and have all the figures and prices, What I need from you good folks is the user feedback as to how each re-map really drives, the pro's and con's (PM me if you want to keep it hush hush) so I can go and get it done! I'm hoping that the forum spirit is still strong enough for honesty and will work as designed to help me make the right choice. Thanks in advance, ES
  4. Lpg mk 5 gti

    RR, I was just thinking out loud FFS!! The Megane 225 in EVO was running without any loss of power, and at 60p a litre then it must be worth a thought.... Or maybe not.. ES
  5. Lpg mk 5 gti

    Just read a e-mail back from a big LPG conversion company who do not recommend an LPG conversion for the 2.0lt FSI... Puts an end to this thread then! ES
  6. Lpg mk 5 gti

    mmm well i was under the impression that there was no performance loss at all with a LPG conversion, the only thing that does drop is the MPG whilst on LPG. I'm heading towards a REVO re-map at the moment so maybe LPG is a non starter as REVO is recommended for 98 RON only. ES
  7. Lpg mk 5 gti

    Hello all, With the price of fuel creeping up in an unstoppable manner has anyone put any thought into LPG conversion for their GTI? I read in EVO about a conversion on a Megane 225 which seemed to work very well, so if you do more than 12k a year it may be worth it as by there maths it pays for itself in 18 months. Any thoughts?? ES
  8. Xenon level adjustment

    Thanks, I'll give it a try tonight and give my fellow drivers in Camb's a chance to see where they are going for a change......
  9. Xenon level adjustment

    Sorry bud, but before I go and twist and tweak something I shouldn't can you give me a few more details and if possible a photo or two?
  10. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Just ordered my Eagle F1's at £94 a corner from mytyres.co.uk and they will deliver to a fitting station near you. I'll let everyone know how I get on once I've got them on and bedded in.
  11. MKV GTi Gallery

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v453/j...GolfMKVGTI4.jpg Here is the result of a very dirty metallic black after several hours of tender care with Justin. If you are within sight of Cambridge and want a new Mk5 then give him a bell!
  12. Wanted: 5 door Steel Grey on 18's photo!

    Ah Robin, is it worth the, "what do you mean the numberplate has fallen off officer, I am so sorry I'll get it replaced straight away" I ran my integrale without one for about 6 months and didn't get stopped once, I only put it back on for a MOT!
  13. The new S3

    Agreed Snoop's, What makes me buy a car is a nice long solo test drive pref over a weekend and Audi have always done that for me. What was strange was when I turned up at the VW dealer in my S4 to look at the GTI, the idiot sales man said that I couldn't take it for a longer test drive on my todd because I might nip off with it, ok, and leave a 39k S4 behind......
  14. The new S3

    Lets wait and get the S3 on UK roads at Uk spec, we know that Audi and VW make quite a few changes for Uk spec....... (You see I quite like the new S3)
  15. golf value?

    12K, BMW do take the mick though such an attitude is why they don't get mine (just the wifes) custom! I'm looking for around 18k for my 05 DSG with all the bells, (less sunroof) if I decide to follow the S3 route....